Indian Paranormal Beliefs

Paranormal beliefs and the Indian or Hindu way of life have traveled hand in hand over the ages. These beliefs have over the ages become an integral part and parcel of everyday life of a lot of people in the Indian subcontinent.

These articles have been written for information and educational purposes only and not to advocate the use of the same.

Interpretation of Omens
Auspicious Omens for journey
Tantra on Directions for Important Work
Interpretation of Dreams
Which Dreams Come True
25 Auspicious Dreams
15 More Auspicious Dreams
Interpretation of Sky in Dreams
Interpretations of Cloth in Dreams
Interpretation of God in Dreams
Interpretations of Dreams Regarding Health
Dreams about Sun, Moon and Stars
Meaning of Seeing Water in Dreams
Dreams about Animals, Insects and Birds
Meanings of Dreams About Different People
Meanings of Dreams About Fruits Trees and Flowers
Remedies for inauspicious dreams
Scary Dream Foretelling Nuclear War
Meaning of Moles located on the Face
Meaning of the Moles located on various Body parts
Meaning of Moles on Breasts of Women
Moles on Nose and Cheeks of Women Meanings
Meaning of Moles on Private Parts of Women
Paranormal Beliefs - Cutting of Nails
What are Spirit Guides
Meaning of Asthi Visarjan
Magical properties of milk teeth
Paranormal properties of Bear Hair
Paranormal Powers of Owl Nails
The Mongoose Tantra
Paranormal Properties of the Mule
A interesting Paranormal Belief
Experiments to make Firewalking Possible
5 Points of the Sleep Tantra
Magical Pearl from the Sky
The Mythical Magical Nagamani
Paranormal Belief on Watching Crows Mating
Paranormal Uses of Camel Body Parts
Paranormal Remedies if you have Survived Death
Indian Magic Trick to Glow Like Fire In the Dark
Remedy for Bad Omen of Interruption while going for Important Work
Indian Magic Tricks to make Objects in a Room Glow
Totka for Inauspicious Black Spot on the Body
Aankh Phadakna Meaning and Remedy
Mantra to Turn Bad Omens into Good Omens
Paranormal Uses of Horse, Mule and Donkey in Tantric Practices
Mantra Remedy if Cat Crosses your Path


  1. i hv mole on left upper lip . what meaning . can i remove it,what happens ?


  2. There is no need to remove the mole on your left upper lip.

  3. Sir,i often dream of cats in dreams.Am also seeing tiger chasing me in dreams.Could u pls kindly let me know its interpretations?Is it a bad omen?Pl reply Sir


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