Paranormal uses of Camel Body Parts

In this post, I have described some interesting and  useful paranormal home remedies using the hair and other body parts of a camel. These remedies have originated from the Ushtra Tantra, which describes the uses of the body-parts of a camel in various Tantric rituals and healing practises.

To stop urination in bed by children- This paranormal experiment should be performed on the day of the astrological Ravi Pushya Yoga. The practitioner should obtain some camel hair and prepare a thread by tying the camel hair tightly. This camel hair thread should be tied at night on the right thigh of the child to prevent it from urinating at bed in the night.

To stop frequent urination in men and women- Tying a thread made from camel hair on the right thigh of the person suffering from frequent urination is said to cure this defect and give relief to the patient.

To prevent per-mature ejaculation in men- The practitioner should obtain some camel hair on a Tuesday. Then, he should prepare a thread by tying the camel hair and tie the thread on his right thigh before having intercourse with a woman.

The Tantra says that the practitioner will not ejaculate until the camel hair thread is removed from around his thigh.

This paranormal experiment, like the one above should also be performed on the Ravi Pushya Yoga as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar in order to remove this physical/psychological defect of per-mature ejaculation permanently.

The Tantra also mentions that worship of Shiva and the Hindu God of Love Kamdeva should be sincerely worshipped before performing this remedy in order to get the most positive results.

To stop a snake from coming out of its burrow- Keeping a little bit of the flesh of a camel is said to prevent a snake from coming out of its burrow.

To prevent mice/rats from entering the house- The Tantra says that keeping a nail of the right front foot of a camel in the house like a protective talisman will prevent mice from entering the house. The Tantra also says that those mice, which are already present in the house will run away after the nail is kept in the house.


  1. Dear Sir,
    If a person does pujas for surya grahan dosh and angarak dosh,is it necessary for him to give up non-veg and also become a tee-totaller throughout his life after the puja?

  2. Sir plz help me.. My husband cares for me but when angry he abuses me a lot.. Bot gandi gandi galiyan nikalte hain.. N he is an MCA then too.. His business is also not working that much... So I always think ki chalo koi baat Ni kaam k wajah se tension hogi... But sir Choti Choti baat pe gussa krte hain n fir galiyan... For eg.. My parents were talking about baby's bed with him and he said he will get a jhula for a baby to sleep on then I said usko cot bolte hain baby bed ko jisme side me bars hote hain... Sir next day when we were alone, he abused me and shouted so much just because I said cot in front of my parents... He felt it insulting... Sir I am tired of my life... Roz roz ki ladai se tang aa gai hu... Plz help me... I am at my parents house till first June... Itne time me agar I can do any mantra or pooja so that my husband behaves properly and respects me.... Sir kai baar to esa lgta hai ki unse achha koi hai hi Ni.... Plz sir....


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