Love Spells from Albertus Magnus Egyptian Secrets

In this post, I have described 2 simple attraction spells from the book, the Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, White and Black Art for Man and Beast, which could be of great interest to the followers of Vashikaran, Mohini, Akarshan and Sammohan Vidya who regularly visit this site. These are stand-alone attraction spells to bring a desired woman come under a love-spell.

The Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, White and Black Art for Man and Beast is a middle-ages European compilation of occult spells, charms, curses and a diverse range of white and black-magic voodoo formulas, including, spells for attraction, subduing enemies and removal of ailments and diseases from people and cattle. The same set of black and white-art spells also appear in another popular text, The Book of Forbidden Knowledge.

The 2 voodoo spells to captivate the attention of the desired woman for the sole purpose of love and marriage are given below. Both the spells are independent of each other and any one or both of them can be practiced as the end result is said to be the same.

1] Take a few feathers of a Rooster[Murga in Hindi] and lightly press them 3 times on her hand. This will make the desired love become fascinated with the practitioner and never want to leave him.

2] Take cheese, flour and salt and mix them together to form a small ball or tablet. Then, hide this ball somewhere in her room. This will give the same end-result as the first love-spell.

Note- these attractions spells can be practiced on any day at any time because the text has not prescribed any thing else other than what I have described in this post.

If any person has more information or knowledge on practicing these love-spells, he can post it here for the benefit of interested readers,

There are a few more love-spell given in this text, which are difficult to perform, hence, I have not written about them.


  1. Very interesting post.But no mantras in this?

  2. Dear Neel Sir,
    u must also tell us hthe secrets of the book of Amun-Ra.

  3. sir can the 2nd prayog be done by wife for her husband love.

    1. This text has mentioned that the spells are only for enchanting women.

  4. Sir
    Same set of rooster feather can be used twice on different many feathers required minimum.
    In case of goli of cheese and flour can be hide in Office.and different goli should be placed for more than one woman.

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