Yantra to Make Enemy Lose Manhood

The Yantra described by me in this post is another one of the fearsome Hindu Occult Spells, which are practiced to give pain to an enemy and make his life miserable. This specific Yantra Experiment, which is called in Hindi as the Dushman Ko Namard Bananeka Yantra Prayog is practiced in order to make an enemy lose his manhood or in other works to make his lose his virility, vitality completely and make him impotent.

The two main methods of preparing this Yantra are given below. In both the methods, the name of the enemy, who is sought to be made impotent should be written at the bottom of the Yantra.

1] The Yantra should be drawn with a pointed stick on a piece of Silk Cloth using the paste of Gorochana as the ink.

2] This Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with a pointed stick using a mixture of the Mud/Soil of a Lake and Ashtagandha as the ink.

Hindu Occult Spell to Make Enemy Impotent
Shatru to Namard Banane Ka Yantra

In case of both the methods, the Tantra says that if the Yantra is shown to the person, who is the end target, than that person will be rendered impotent.

Note- I am unable to certify this Yantra Experiment as I do not know if it has been practiced successfully by any person to remove the potency of his or her enemy.

I, most strictly do not endorse such Tamas-Guni and fearsome paranormal voodoo spells to punish an enemy.

This is another stand-alone Aghori Yantra Spell and does not need and other form of worship or infusion ritual to make it work.


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