Manovanchit Var Prapti Yantra

The Numerical Yantra described by me in this post is called the Manovanchit Yaa Shresht Var Prapti Yantra, which can translated into the English language as the Yantra to get married to an excellent and marvelous or longed-for bridegroom.

The Yantra should be prepared on a Bhojpatra using Haldi Paste[Turmeric Powder Paste] as the ink and a pointed twig of the pomegranate tree as the pen.

Magical talisman for getting desired brigegroom
Manovanchit Var Prapti Yantra
There are no other procedures or rituals involved for making this Yantra. It can be drawn as shown in the image on any day by the girl wanting her desire bridegroom, except the days of her menstrual cycle.

Once, the Yantra is prepared, it should be kept on a wooden board and an incense stick and oil lamp should be lit in-front of it.

Then, the Yantra should be folded and put inside a Silver Locket and tied on the wrist or upper right arm.

After the girl finds her dream man and gets married to him, she should discontinue wearing the Yantra and keep it in her Puja-Place, Altar or in a clean place in her house.


  1. Pranam Guruji,

    Thank you very much for this such an easy remedy. I have one question , Can this Yantra be prepared by others, as my daughter may not do this , But I have a faith that this yantra will work for her . Please reply.

    Thank you.

    1. This remedy has to be performed with faith by the girl herself, but if you want you can prepare the Yantra for her.

  2. Koti koti pranam, charan bandna Guruji .
    Thank you very much Guruji ,I am really touched by your so prompt reply and time you spend for the better future of the society at large .

  3. Dear Guruji,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful yantra.

    Can we wear the locket around the neck, instead of wearing on the arm.

    Thank you.


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