Marriage Upay for Poor or Uneducated Girl

In this post, I have described a most simple Marriage Upay for a girl who is good looking but from a poor and economically backward family or someone who is uneducated or less educated to find a suitable bridegroom for marriage. This marriage remedy involves a very simple for of Shiva Worship.

As mentioned time and again in many previous posts, a majority of marriages in India and some other countries are still arranged marriages. These arranged marriages mostly take place within the same caste, religion or even a close-knit community.

In many cases, the financial or educational backgrounds of the prospective bride and bridegroom are matched before fixing the marriage. Thus a girl who is poor or having less education is badly hit and finds it difficult to find a suitable bridegroom. This paranormal remedy is specially meant for such girls.

The Upay- the girl should visit a Shivalaya on a Monday and offer milk to the Shvlinga by slowly pouring the milk over the Shvlinga. While offering the milk to the Shivlinga, the girl should keep chanting the Mantra- Om Namah Shivaya ||- ॐ नमः शिवाय |}, after offering the milk, she should offer 11 Bael leaves to the Shivlinga.

This Totlka is simple, yet most effect and can be easily performed by even a lay-person. It should be performed with devotion by the girl until she gets success.

Other simple remedies for the same purpose, which are said to be effective are given below-

Keeping a Solah Somvar Vrat for the specific purpose of finding a suitable bridegroom.

Keeping a Shiv Panchakshari Yantra or a Parad [Mercury] Shivlinga in the Puja place or Altar and sincerely worshiping it everyday. Information on preparing this Yantra and worshiping it, can be seen in this post- Shiv Panchakshari Yantra.

Note- the girl facing the problems mentioned above can practice any one of the remedies given in this post.


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