Soothing Yantra to Control Anger

The Yantra, which has been described by me today is a soothing and calming Indian Charm to control anger and or chronic irritability. This Yantra, which comprises of a combination of letters and numericals is said to aid short-tempered people in anger management.

More often than not short tempered people try to suppress their anger, this leads to other psychological and physical disorders, including depression and heart and blood pressure related problems.

The simple Yantra, described in this post, puts a calming effect on the mind and thus minimizes the side effects of this most extreme emotion.

The 4 steps mentioned below in order to prepare, worship and use the Yantra to control anger and emotional outbursts.

Soothing Hindu Occult Yantra to Control Anger
Soothing Yantra to Control Anger

1] prepare the Yantra shown in the image on a white colored piece of paper. Any kind of ink and pen can be used to draw the Yantra.

2] The Yantra should be worshiped and offered flowers, incense sticks and an oil lamp.

3] Then, it should be folded and wrapped inside a red colored piece of paper and kept in the Puja-Place or Altar in the house and worshiped for 7 days.

4] Then, it should be placed in a cloth or metal locket and tied around the right upper arm or the neck. Woman should wear the Yantra around the neck of the left upper arm.


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