Mantra to Overcome Angry Mood

This is a popular and famous Hindu Mantra Chant for calming the mind when undergoing a bout of uncontrollable anger against a particular person. This Mantra which is known in the Hindi language as the Krodh Niyantran, Nashak or Shanti Mantra has many simple variations with the addition or subtraction of some of the Beej or Root letters. In this post, I have explained a very simple procedure of putting this most useful and effective Mantra into actual practice when feeling angry with a specific person and getting out of the angry mood.

There is no need to Master this Mantra by chanting it for a specified number of Mantra Chants. To put the Mantra into actual practice, you have to chant the Mantra just 7 times and then tie a knot on one of the corners of anyone of the clothes you are wearing, For example if you are wearing a Saree, Dress or Shirt tie a knot on one of the corners. While chanting the Mantra try to calmly visualize the person who are angry with.

ह्रीं ठिं ठिं क्रोध प्रशमन ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं क्लीं सः सः स्वाहा ||
Hreem Thim Thim Krodh Prashaman Hreem Hreem Hreem Kleem Kleem Sah Sah Swaha ||

This simple Mantra Experiment for anger management can be very effectively practiced to calm down rapidly when angry with anyone, including your business or job associate, husband, wife or lover.


  1. I think everyone needs to chant this mantra.
    Thank you Sir.

  2. Sir ,

    I have tried it and for sure it work..felt the difference in half and hour.. thanks for sharing..


  3. Sir! Nothing goes good in life


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