Mantra of Shiva who is Dear to Vishnu

In this post, I have described a very simple and easy to practise Mantra Meditation to worship upon the Shiva who is dear to Vishnu. The benefits of this Mantra are immense and sincerely and devotedly chanting the Mantra will most certainly meet all the spiritual and material needs, wants and wishes of the chanter of the Mantra.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the three faces of the Hindu Divine Trinity; each cannot exist without the other two. However, as part of the Trimurti, they are nothing but equals as one cannot exist without the other, each of them is in fact a face of the same Ever-Existent Reality and is basically responsible for the broad functions of Creation, Preservation and Destruction.

The relationship between Shiva and Vishnu and who is superior and who is inferior  is a topic, which is debated quite often and worshippers of either one put forward some or other examples from the Puranas to justify and argue  their claims. Such debates become intense and heated and generate anger and tension.  Those putting forward such arguments should remember that without any one of the three primary functions the Universe or Creation would cease to exist.

The qualities of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are on the lower level present in each and every thing in the Universe in form of the three Gunas; Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik and life is nothing but a continuous and unending interplay between these three aspects of the Divine. Thus to say which one is superior to the other is unwise and unwarranted.

The clashes, wars, battles, encounters or fights between Shiva and Vishnu described in the Puranic and other ancient Hindu texts are between manifestations of Shiva and Vishnu and one or the other emerged triumphant so as to restore the balance between the three forces of the Ever-Existent Being. Hence such encounters described in the Hindu religious scriptures cannot be taken as examples to justify the superiority of either one of them over the other.

Om Narayana Priyaaya Namah ||
ॐ नारायण प्रियाय नमः ||
Meaning of the Mantra- I bow before the Shiva who is dear to Vishnu

The Mantra should be chanted like a long-term Mantra Meditation upon Shiva and will become most powerful and effective after the conclusion of 10 Lakh [1 Million] Mantra Chants.

There is no need to count the number of Mantra Chants and use a Counting Rosary. There are no special rules prescribed in the Tantra for the chanting of this Mantra, the only recommendation is for ladies is not to chant the Mantra during the Monthly Cycle.


  1. Indeed the most awesome and breathtaking blog.this length of knowledge is difficult to attain! regards to you sir.

  2. Dear Neel sir, if i´m not wrong in hindi there is a mistake? its Narayanaya or Narayan

    1. It is Narayana in both the versions of the Mantra.

    2. apologies, my mistake.

      I would like to ask Neel sir, can i chant this aleatory times per day? I.e: some days 1000chants some days more? And do this for several months until achieve 1million chants?

      Is there a particular time we shouldn't do this saddna?

    3. There are no special rules for this Mantra, it can be chanted at anytime, any number of times until you reach the mark.

  3. Sir do you have an email I'd wish to learn more from you.

  4. if anyone want to take any help about any mantra then he or she can contact me


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