Rama Rahasya Mantra for Sudden Gain of Money

In this post, I have shared a Rama Mantra, which has been found by me in the ancient Hindu scripture, the Rama Rahasya Upanishad. The Shri Ram Mantra is specially chanted for the specific purpose of getting sudden or unexpected windfall gain of money.

The Mantra has to be chanted 21 rosary for 21 days using Tulsi Beads Counting Rosary. The Sadhak has to sit facing the west direction while chanting this Mantra. – Ashok Mehta

The Mantra Experiment is simple and hassle free, other than what is mentioned by me there are no other rules or regulations prescribed in order to chant this Rama Rahasya Upanishad Mantra, which is given below.

Mantra: ।। रामभद्र महेश्वास रघुवीर नृपोत्तम भो दशस्यान्तकास्माकं श्रियंदापम देहि मे ||
||Rambhadra Maheshvaas Raghuveer Nrupottam Bho Dashsyaantak-Asmaakam Shriyam Daapam Dehi Me ||

Note- the Rama Rahasya Upanishad is an ancient Hindu religious composition dating back to the Vedic times. This Upanishad is composed in the form of answers given by Hanuman to seekers on the nature of the Ever-Existent Cosmic Being. In the Rama Rahasya Upanishad, Hanuman stresses of the importance of the chanting of Mantras dedicated to Shri Rama and the worship of Shri Rama, who he describes as the Supreme Cosmic Being.


  1. In Hindi version, there is a word 'bho' after 'nrupottam'. In English, this word is absent.

  2. Dear Ashok sir/ Neel sir,
    Bho is missing in the english version. Also, thanks a lot for this post.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the omission, it has been inserted.

  4. 1) Sir, 21 Rosary's mean here 21X108 chants ?
    2) time of doing the sadhna ?
    3) when to start the sadhna...ie ...any auspicious mahurut ?
    4) is it a one time sadhna OR it can be performed periodically ie say once an year or so ?
    5) any precaution like brahmchharya ?

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Read the post
      4. You can repeat this sadhana.
      5. Brahmacharya is necessary for any and every sadhana

  5. Sir, I still don't understand. Do we need to chant one rosary each day for 21 days. Or do we need to chant 21 rosary each day for 21 days.

  6. Dear sir, did west direction is necessary, bcoz at my home me have pooja room in which we worship facing east direction, & if I do this while facing west then I am worshipng showing my back in pooja room, any other options for this.

    1. Don't do in puja room. Do in any other room

  7. Neel & Ashok guruji, can i do chanting 21×108 in a single seating in the morning before going office, around 5am

    1. If you are planning to do this then you will get late for the office. 21 rounds if you start by 5 am will take you no less than 4 hours to complete this mantra with an average speed (chanting fast will result in mispronunciation & will negate it's effect)

    2. I start at 11:30am for office & return around 11:30-12pm. 4 hrs i can manage in the morning. But is it allowed to do in the morning. Pls confirm Sir

  8. Abhishek Sir, u r correct. It took 12 min for me to complete 1 round, it mean 252 min for 21 round. I can still manage it comfortably 5 to 9:30 am. Pls confirm if i can do it in the morning

    1. It has been stated by the author in above mentioned post:

      "...other than what is mentioned by me there are no other rules or regulations prescribed in order to chant this Rama Rahasya Upanishad Mantra"

      Since, there's no specific mention of the time period in this post you can continue chanting this mantra during your desired time period (preferably after taking bath).

  9. Can we do this sadhana using Mantra chant counter instead of Tulsi beads counting rosary? Please advice


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