Agni Astra Mantra to Completely Destroy Enemies

There and numerous references and descriptions in numerous Hindu religious scriptures about some very destructive divine weapons like the  Brahmastra, Pashupatastra,  Narayanastra, Vajrastra, Agni Astra to name a few. These Astra’s or divine and paranormal weapons were attributed to various Hindu deities and most of them were deadly weapons of mass destruction, in which a Mantra was used as the trigger to release the Astra.

The Agni Astra is the divine weapon of Agni Deva or the Fire God, the worship of Agni was extremely popular during the Vedic Period and Agni was most probably the most worshipped of the Vedic deities. In this post Ashok Mehta as written about the Agni Astra Mantra or the Mantra to release the divine weapon of the Fire God.

This Mantra is said to be a most powerful and fearsome enemy annihilation Mantra or Death Mantra, which is attributed with the most destructive powers to kill and wipe out every trace of an enemy from the face of the earth.

By Ashok Mehta
This isn't just a normal Maran Mantra for completely eradicating or killing enemies. This particular Mantra is called as the Agni Astra Mantra or the Mantra of the weapon of Agni Deva.

The direction for chanting this Mantra has to be the south and a Hakik Mala [Black Agate] has to be used for counting the Mantra Chants and all other basic Hindu Mantra Sadhana rules have to be followed.

This Agni Dev Astra Mnran Mantra Sadhana is only for advanced Sadhak, Yogis and Gurus. As this is an Astra Mantra, if a normal person chants it, he will only end up destroying himself.

Agni Astra Mantra of the Hindu Fire God Agni Deva

Note- the word Amuk should be replace by the name of the enemy while chanting the Mantra.


  1. i feel most of mantras are not working without the guidance of a GURU.
    these are very powerful mantras but work only when a guru who have the control on that mantra.
    not all but most of mantras are powerless without guru.

  2. How many times the mantra has to be recited.

  3. How many rounds of rosaries has to be done

  4. Sir,
    you must have a seperate section for Astra mantras in this site.

  5. Why didn't they use these mantras in the great war between Kaurav and Pandav…?
    The war would end smoothly. No need of weapons….
    The description also mentions the need of a mala. I don't think that all the great warriors of Ramayan and Mahabharat were using any mala when the invoked their weapons by mantras. That is a proof that this cannot be true.

    1. these all astra used in mahabharat and ramayan but it's not easy because opposition also have divya astra , so they cut each other astra


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