Mrityunjaya Yantra Healing Sadhana

In this post, I have described an and easy to perform Simple Mrityunjaya Yantra Sadhana for healing and getting relief from diseases and ailments with the blessings of Lord Shiva. This is a simple and uncomplicated healing experiment, which is suitable for lay-persons or those having limited exposure to the specific practices of Hindu Mantra-Tantra Shastra.

The Mrityunjaya Yantra, is that Yantra, which is believed to be one of the most powerful and effective of the numerous Yantras dedicated to Shiva has to be written on a Bael Leaf also called as the Bilwa Leaf, another one of the Puja items said to be most dear to Shiva.

The practitioner should use a pointed stick and draw the Yantra as shown in the image on the Bael Leaf using the paste of Raktchandana [Red Sandalwood] as the ink. The ink can be prepared by mixing a few drops of water with the Raktchandana Powder. A Raktachandana Stick can also be rubbed on a Rubbing Board by adding a few drops of water to prepare the paste.

Simple Mrityunjaya Yantra Sadhana for Healing
Simple Mrityunjaya Yantra 
The practitioner can perform this  Mrityunjaya Yantra Healing Remedy on any day, he or she has to keep a Fast on that specific day and not eat anything except tea-coffee-milk and fruits.

After preparing the Mrityunjaya Yantra, the practitioner should chant the Maha- Mrityunjaya Mantra 1008 times using a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala. That Mantra can be seen here- Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Then the practitioner should keep the prepared Mrityunjaya Yantra in his Puja Place and light an Oil Lamp and Agarbatti in front of the Yantra.

After this, he should rotate the same Oil Lamp in a clock wise manner around the body of the sick and ailing person and then apply some of the ash of the Agarbatti on the forehead of the sick person.

Finally, the Mrityunjaya Yantra should be kept under the pillow of the sick person and let it remain there until he is cured, The Yantra can be kept in a plastic cover. As the Yantra has been prepared on Bael Leaf it is likely to dry up and get damaged, however, there is no need for worry if that happens, the damaged Yantra can be immersed in a water body and replaced with another  Mrityunjaya Yantra by following the same procedure described above.

Note- This Simple Mrityunjaya Yantra Experiment should be performed along the ongoing medical treatment.


  1. There' off-topic question. Sir, would it be okay if I chant both amogh shiv kavach and durga kavach everyday?

    1. There is no bar in chanting both these prayers everyday, but in my opinion it is always better to concentrate on one prayer then multiple prayers.

    2. You can rotate the Bael leaf around the body of a sick person.
      You can try the Yantra Sadhana for the other disease you have mentioned and keep the leaf in the fridge before use, if the Yantra gets damaged you can redo the full Sadhana again.

    3. There are various Maha-Mrityunjaya Yantras available in the market, as mentioned in the article this is a simple experiment for the common person, it has been explained in a simple and easy to understand manner in the post, all you have to do it to perform it if you like.

  2. Guruji
    Please advise me to recover stolen money through yantra, mantra and tantra

  3. Neelji Pranam,
    On which side of the Bilwa Patra we should write the yantra? We keep it upside down on the shivling. Also, can I practice this praying for my daughter who is having speech and feeding issues? She is 4.
    Thank you

    1. Write the Yantra on the front or upside side of the leaf, you can certainly perform this remedy as described in the article on your daughter.

  4. Guruji... My father is suffering from stage 4 cancer. How can it be cured


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