Secretive Shiva Mantra for Divine Experiences

I have described a Secretive Lord Shiva Mantra for those advanced Aghori Yogis, Sadhaks and practitioners of Indian Spirituality who want to get divine experiences with the blessings of Shiva. The Mantra Sadhana is simple and straightforward, yet most powerful and effective for getting unknown and unheard of spiritual experiences – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
The Shiva Mantra Sadhana for getting Divya Anubhav has to be done in a secretive and remote location like an isolated and unpopulated forest or mountainous region.

The Sadhak has to keep a Pran Prathisthit Shivling and a Natraj Sculpture in front of him while performing the Mantra Experiment.

The Natraj idol should not be Pran Prathisthit [the Hindu religious ritual wherein the breath of life or energy is infused into an idol or a sacred item, like a Yantra].

While chanting one has to dance like Nataraja who dances with immense happiness and joy. This dance is also called as the Tandav Nritya or the dance of recreation by destruction and creation. This also symbolizes a new existence by dissolving the older one. One has to perform the Natraj Dance for approximately 1-1.30 hours and keep chanting the Secret Shiva Mantra shown in the image below while dancing. There is no fixed number of Mantra Chants and it has to be only chanted while performing the Nataraja Dance.

Secretive Hindu Shiva Mantra for getting Divine Experiences
Secretive Shiva Mantra for Divine Experiences

There will be a very very miraculous and divine occurrence or event which, will happen either in front of the Sadhak or in some other place. The nature of the divine event will only be known to the Sadhak as the nature secret experiences of the Sadhak cannot be pre-judged by others.  It is the hands of Shiva to bless the Sadhak with this supernatural experience.

There are no other rules and regulations attached with the Mantra Prayoga apart from what is described by me in this post.

However, I would like to mention once again that the Mantra is very very powerful and is only recommended for Advanced Aghoris and other advanced Mantriks and Tantriks.

Note- The English version of the Shiv Mantra should read- Om Krin[g] Ananda Tandavaya Namah ||


  1. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us this divine information.Very Enlightening.

  2. Mr.Ashok,very great sadhana,The sadhanas you share are very rare and very different,May i know from where you are getting all this knowledge?

  3. For ashok and neel sir, it would be a great help if you post about the detailed procedures of pranaprathishta of an idol.

  4. Ashok ji, some of your posts are very useful if someone try to do it. But some carry advice being very tough or for aghori or advance sadhaks.... My only reference is that this blog is read by layman or a common person like me...advance sadhaks might well be in the knowledge of the tough posts mentioned by you or some other tough procedures... Aghoris don't use internet as they are into some typical and different and secluded lifestyle.
    So it is requested that please post something which we can perform... We want to utilize your experience and knowledge

    1. Indeed that is true. But such secret sadhana are slowly vanishing from the world and hence its necessary to promote and retain such divine mantras. And, i am sure every sanatan dharma person wants to achieve something big in life. Big feats in life are not achieved by small sadhana. Atleast I dont want to get another rebirth. Even if someone is not spirituality advanced enough, he or she should try to spiritually advance himself. Bhakti marg has the power that ritual marg cannot match. Markandeya was only going to live for 16 years. But he did severe penance and increased his spirituality so much that when Markendaya's death time came, He wrapped himself to Shiv lingam and then Lord Shiva himself came to save him from Yama. Not only did Lord Shiva actually kill Yama, he blessed Markendaya with immortality. With only 16 years of bhakti He achieved immortality. Devotion has so much strength that even a yagna or puja cannot give you. This is even more effective in case you are a Shiva, Hanuman or Ram bhakt. Tough sadhana solve problems in ways easy sadhana never can. No doubt some sadhana are tough, and dangerous, but if, people become God loving instead of God fearing, even God will stop showing fear to you in the tougher sadhanas. And this is my personal experience. Make all the hard work you want, to be successful in life, but dont do it by sacrificing bhakti

    2. You are right, Ashok ji. Only issue is to overcome fear, which some of your posts mention.

  5. Hello sir yes I agree with Mr nitin

  6. In my opinion, to the admin, post everything you know about mantra shastras. Dont be selective while publishing ,as many readers like me derive pleasure from reading about such adventurous sadhanas which is unknown to common people. Please post both that a layman can practice and an aghori or an expert can practice.we need everything.

  7. Dear admin, i think there is a spelling mistake in english version. It is ANANDA TANDAVAY and not ananday tandavaay.pls clarify

    1. Note about the correction in the English language version of the Mantra has been added.

  8. Hello sir.. Can u please tell me how to do shivling pran prathisthit.


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