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Most Powerful Shiva Mantra for Everything

Sadashiv has 5 faces, Ishaan, Sadyojaat, Aghor, Tatpurush, and Vaamdev.  This mantra worships the Aghor face of Sadashiv. There is no mantra as powerful as this Aghor Shiva Mantra, which provides the true Shiv Bhakt with everything he wants in life. – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
From doing Pran Pratishtha to finding hidden wealth, this Mantra is a solution for everything and every need in life. Not only this, the person who achieves SIddhi over this Mantra will not be a normal person anymore. This person will achieve so much "divinity" or become so divine himself that it is hard to explain in words.

The Mantra Siddhi is achieved by chanting the Mantra 5 lakh times within a period 21 days. This Mantra is of Aghor Dev, Aghor dev is one of the 5 faces of Sadashiv, which is Dakshin Mukhi or facing the South. The other 4 faces are Vaamdev facing the Uttar Disha or the North, Sadyojaat facing the Paschim Disha or the West, Tatpurush facing the Purva Diisha or the East, and Ishaan facing the North-East direction.

In the English language version of the Mantra please read the word Ghoratebhyah as  Ghoratarebhyah

One has to use Pure Ghee Diya and a White Aasan or Leopard or Tiger skin's Aasan. The Mantra has to be chanted between Brahma Muhurat and 9 AM only. So chant as much and as fast as you can. Other than this, all other basic Hindu Puja rules have to be followed.

Note- the information about the Leopard and Tiger Skin Sitting Aasan is given because it is mentioned in the original ancient Tantra, which contains this most powerful Aghor Dev Mantra Experiment. Tigers and Leopards are protected animals under the Wild Life Protection Act followed in India and many other counties. Hence one should strictly avoid purchasing such animal skins, which originate mostly from poachers.

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. In english version there is a mistake in word ghoratarebhyah. Pls correct the same.

    1. Thanks for pointing out, see the correction in the post.

  2. Sir ladies can do this mantra Jap

    1. In tantrum texts there is no such specifications. However it is better to avoid

    2. Sir post that mantra sadana which ladies can do for wealth prosperity and soudhagya In life

    3. hanuman chalisa daily as many times as possible. it includes ram nam in it, and also gives blessings of ram-bhakt hanumanji.

  3. Does dear skin is also kk for this pryog

  4. 25000 chants in only 4 hours is not possible for anbody can i extend days

  5. Hi Neel, I use to visit your website daily & appreciate your efforts in putting these mantras here.

    However, sometimes I fails to understand why some mantras are given here which one can never complete within the given timeframe under any circumstances even if one wants to. For example: let's take the current one. It's said one needs to chant the given mantra 5 Lakh times within 21 days within 3Am-9Am (considering brahmmuhrat starts at 3AM) i.e we have 6 hours daily.

    Time available-

    Total hours : 21*6=126
    Total Minutes: 126*60=7560
    Total Seconds: 7560*60=453600
    Manta Chants: 500000

    Even if we sit full time available for continuous 21 days & even if one manages to chant one mantra per second without taking any single breath for continuous 6 hours then also we cannot complete the whole procedure within the given time frame.

    Now can anyone tell me how on earth one can expect to complete this complete mantra saadhna within given time frame?

    1. Good one!I thank you Unknown,for putting forth this question on behalf of several readers with similar dilemma.(y)

    2. It is for advanced sadhakd and yogis, not the novice ones. I know people who can sit for 10 hours without a break.

    3. Man, lol, i understand the calculation now. I believe that a certain part of the whole procedure has been erased purposely in the book.

    4. Haha.. you are being naive here Mr.Unknown..

      Your comment is less of a question and more of accusation..

      You know are number of ways of mantra chant mentioned in various texts ..

      I have a quick answer of your question... Just suppose you are dumb and and cannot speak cannot even move your tongue now look at the mantra and tell.. me how fast can you chant it.. I hope you have got me if not..

      Try to get some guidance on Mansik Japa .. Bhava .. and first of All Faith in one mantra which actually gets you to success..

      And last but not the least do you think being healthy wealthy and most powerful and divine is so easy ??

    5. That question was asked from practical aspect or you can say that comment came out of curiosity. There was nothing like questioning & accusation. I understand it's not easy to achieve these types of siddhis or you can say any siddhi for normal human being.

      Now come to your answer, i would rather ask you to just stare at that mantra and try to do mansik japa for once & notice how much time you took to recite it correctly. If you fails to do it within a second (which i bet you can't) then there's no point to continue arguing further.

      Thank You.

    6. I had to stop by seeing your question and to answer, and I typed my entire response once, and it vanished. Then i meditated, if i am supposed to respond and called my teacher, and with all the blessings, I will try again :

      I had a avanyas shyama initiation 8 years ago approximately & at that time I hard only started doing brahma kriya & my pranayams did not have any of the 9 types of kumbhakas.

      So being fairly naive, I asked the same exact question ... and my teacher who is like father to us all , put his hand on my head and said the following to all of us in the room (over 30 practitioners) :

      1.) Shabda-kaasha - sound-space & verbal chanting is the least yielding and takes most amount of time.
      2.) buddhya-kasha - (Mind-Intillegence Space) is 100 times faster and yields 100 times more.
      3.) Prana-kasha (pranic sky) is 1000 times faster & yields 10,000 times more.
      4.) Chitta-kasha (chid space) is 10,000 times faster and yields 100,000 times more.

      He said the numbers are to give a sense and not exact. because the numbers dont make sense after pranic space.

      Also to summarize, chanting in prana needs accomplishment of the beejas to an extent, where bhava sharira is inline. + is done by hamsa-vahana & with kumbhakas.

      once casually our teacher chanted "shiva sau" to point us to soma chakra in ananda-kosha - in prana space - and all of us - over 30 of us i think - got a tingling sensation behind our skull bone somewhere in the head (but not a physical location so to speak ) and All of us "at once" knew what/where/how and everything else about soma chakra...


      another anecdote. .. once sriguru (not our teacher, but another teacher in badrinath , but in a congregation in near pashupati nath, on way to annapurna - was camping mid way with many of his disciples, including our teacher and his teacher and also many fellow practitioners... and our teacher's teacher (pratparabyaprabhu) laughingly asked to sriguru, do anyone really chant in chid space ? is it really plausible in this time and age ...

      and sri guru laughing said sure, birds, wind and sky chant all the time, so does sun and moon and galaxies and stars... then pratparabyaprabhu guru deva laughed and said, he meant humans ... not stars and galaxies..

      so sriguru smiled and half closed his eyes and chanted simple om. everyone could see, he was saying om, felt he was saying om .. his eyes rolled and went upward as if in samadhi.. but no body could hear anything at all... So then sriguru, slowly smiled and opened his eyes and started breating again - smiling at pratparabyaprabhu ... nobody understood anything including pratparabyaprabhu and they just were numb..

      then with a little tiem gap.. they heard clear om in thunder like reverbaration from the skies ... actually to be accurate they could not spot where this sound of om was coming from and felt like it was coming from deep space in the sky above..


      Hope all of this helps... there is hope and there are ways.. even if its rare and hard to find... be sincere and humble my friend unknown and anonymous (and others) ... and dont look down upon others arrogance ... look kindly upon them... bless all, and seek with a good heart.. answers will come to you ... and at times if you find rude responses, know it comes from your past karma, and one less thing on the way and carry on without any reactions...

      I wish you all very best ..

      Sri Matre Namah om.


  6. Replies
    1. What about 12 AM? That would be approximately 9 hrs at hand and that would mean 9*3600= 33400 seconds per day.

  7. As much i know before starting any sdhana you have to think of your kaamna for what you want to do this and in how much time you want to do it.then you have to take sankalp that for my this kaamna i am doing this sadhana in this time period that is totally up to you

  8. Hire priests for completing the task if you really want it done for you
    21 priests + you = 22 persons
    22 persons * 10 malas = 220 malas per day
    220 malas * 21 days = 4620 malas total
    4620 malas * 108 chants = 4,98,960 chants
    Remaining you can do it yourself only 1040 remaining (10 malas only approx)

  9. In my opinion, its quite possible. I've chanted a mantra (Om shante shante sarvarista nashini swaha)[This is a mantra I found from this website to awakening Kakini shakti, After chanting I felt like I've a demon inside me, there was no fear! Very effective mantra] 330 times within 9 minutes. so when we have 7560 minutes, It can be done without hesitation.

    1. Try to be logical sometimes. I have mentioned available time in detail.

      Forget minutes for the time being & try chanting this mantra once and notice how much time it takes you to chant it once. I can bet no one on earth can chant this mantra within a second.

    2. Kapil Pramanik Thanks for sharing about your sadhna,can you please tell me your experience,effects on you when you did kakini shakti sadhna,
      I am asking because i also want to do kakini sadhna.
      Reply will be appreciated.Thanks.

  10. Ashok sir can we involve priest,?

  11. In addition to chanting the mantra quickly we have to take care to pronounce the words correctly, because when chanting swiftly some words do get mispronounced..continous chanting dries up our mouth too..

  12. guruji mantra likhne ke liye sukhi vastu ke sath kya mina padta hai ----pani/gee/tel/or koi pls bataye

  13. Ashok sir can we use this mantra in daily pooja for eg 11rounds per day then it will show its results in some years or not

  14. can we do this mantras with more pandits to complete on time

  15. Shiva is the father of universe ,shiva mantras are the most powerfull & dangerous of all ,worshiping shiva gives result fast as he is known as bholenath,start chanting the mantras without any demands don't worry about the time frame or days ,just devotee to shiva with true heart he will start helping you & you will feel his magical powers thing you should follow from true heart worship shiva without any demands he will remove each & every obstackle of your life & change your life forever .....this is my personal experience of bhagwan shiv & hanuman they show & feel miracles but you have good intentions inner .......Best of luck

  16. This mantra is given in shiv pratah samran stotram...and i hv noticed that some of your mantras are taken from stotars or maybe prayers in sanskrit !!

  17. I've been chanting this mantra for few days but i did not take sankalp and sir what i fail to complete 5 lacs within the time frame i don't need shiddi i needhelp will shiva help me please answer my question i'll be very thankful to you

    1. This is a specific kind of Mantra Sadhana, if unable to perform it, you can dis-continue it and try any other simpler Mantra.

  18. sir i chant shiv tandav stotram everyday so that mantra is pretty much easy for me to chant i can chant i just want to please shiva any how i want him to help me please answer my question

    1. You can continue chanting the Shiv Tandav Stotra, it will help you.

    2. सायंकाल शिवतांडव स्तोत्र के साथ दारिद्र्यदहन शिव स्तोत्र का पाठ करें .
      प्रात: श्री सूक्त का पाठ करें .

  19. Namaste to all bloggers and readers of this site. Can we do manasik japa in this sadhana. because vachik japa in this sadhana seeming very hard to complete in the given time frame.


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