Adi Purusha Mantra to Know Time of Death

Following is a Mantra through which anyone can get to know how much time is left to live for them in their life. This Mantra is of the Adi Purusha, who is as per Hindu religious preaching the First Universal or Cosmic Entity. Sadashiv can also be considered to be the Adi Purusha or, the Adi Purusha can also be considered as the formless energy which existed from the very start of the universe.  This Mantra should not be used for experimentation purposes. This Mantra Sadhana is especially for people who are facing life threatening situations or are in the peak period of the dreaded Sade Sati. Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
The Adi Purush Mantra Sadhana procedure is as follows:
1. During Grahan Kaal [period of Solar or Lunar Eclipse], chant 21 rounds of this Mantra using a good quality Rudraksh Beads Counting Rosary.
2. After that, from the next night i.e.  the night which falls after the Grahan Kaal's night, chant 3 rounds of this Mantra daily for 3 days before sleeping.
Use a white Colored Cloth Aasan for this purpose. Other than this, follow the basic worship rules like light pure a Ghee Diya and sit facing the North Direction.
Following are the deductions to know when you are going to die:
1. If while reciting the Mantra, the Sadhak is repeatedly missing out or unable to say the word ऋतं, then that person will die within a period of 6 months.
2. If the Sadhak is unable to speak the word सत्यं then 5 months.
3. If unable to speak परब्रह्म, then 4 months.
4. If unable to say,  पुरुषं, then 3 months.
5. If the Sadhak is unable to say or is repeatedly forgetting the word कृष्णपिंगलं, then 2 months
6. Similarly, for उर्ध्वलिंगं it is 1 month, for विरुपाक्षम् it is 15 days, for विश्वरूपाय 3 days and for नमो नमः 1 day.

Hindu Adi Purusha Mantra Chant to Know Time of Death
Adi Purusha Mantra to Know Time of Death

It is my suggestion that the people who are doing this Mantra Japa should remain calm and have a peaceful mind because many a times it happens that we forget certain  words while chanting due to an unpeaceful mind.

Note- The same Mantra appears in the Narayan Sutkam in which the word Urdhwaretam appears instead of Urdhwalingam and the word Vai appears before Namo Namah


  1. this mantra will be great help to person who goes to war front.


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