Shiva Mantra for removing fear of death

This is a Mantra Sadhana to remove the fear of death from those critically ill or on the verge of dying. This mantra is another of the variations of the great Shiva mantra of Shiva – The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra ; which I given here especially for the critically ill and their family members.

The Shiva mantra has to be chanted 108 times in a Shivalaya or if it is not possible to visit a Shivalaya; then in front of a photo of Shiva. This Sadhana has to be done for one week. Then after one week take a piece of raw cotton and tie a knot; dedicating the knot to Shiva. The same way you have to tie 11 knots on the piece of raw cotton.

Then you have to take that piece of cotton and lightly press it on your forehead and eyes and then tie it around the neck of the critically ill person. This will remove the fear of death and dying from his mind. Please keep in mind that if it is the will of Shiva the person might even get well and recover.

Lord Shiva Mantra Chant for removing fear of death
Shiva Mantra for removing fear of death

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