Traditional Indian remedy for weight gain

There are as many people in this world who want to gain weight; as those wishing to lose it. Just like those who are overweight; underweight persons are prone to diseases and ailments.

The causes may be diverse; and amongst those underweight people are those who are underweight mainly as a result of genetic reasons. Such people may be otherwise fit and healthy; yet the overall personality suffers because of their being underweight. It is primarily these people who are trying to gain weight in order to enhance their personality.

For such people I have found a relatively simple traditional Indian remedy; before practicing this one or any other of the remedies given in this site; please read the content policy.

Now the remedy – Take the root of the White chaste tree [Vitex trifolia Linn] and ground it to a fine paste. Take one teaspoon of this paste mixed with Clarified Butter every day. It is said that this remedy ensure weight gain.

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