Exorcism in India

Exorcism has been extensively dealt with in most ancient Indian religious scriptures; more particularly the hymns of the Atharva Veda and the Garuda and the Agni Puranas. These scriptures written thousands of years back in time are said to contain the hidden keys to Exorcism.

Exorcism in India is quite commonplace as compared to Christianity and Islam. Unlike Christianity which primarily invokes the name of Jesus Christ and Islam which prescribes a fixed and specific method; Hinduism has numerous rituals and Tantric methods which are said to work towards the same end result.

To first understand the practice of Exorcism in India, one has to keep in mind that no energy is considered in terms of black and white. There is no such thing as a Devil in Hinduism; hence there is no energy which is purely evil or purely good; there is only relative good and relative evil.

The three Gunas or Tattvas; the Creative, the Protective and the Destructive are what makes up the entire Universe; right from the tinniest particle. The three Gunas are present in every life form; so any life form has the inherent qualities of creation, protection and destruction, these three qualities are present in varying degrees. There is no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil; it is only relative. The absolute quality exists only in the unborn; the ever – existent.

An individual attracts an infinite number of energies every living moment of his life. These energies may vary in strength and qualities; depending upon the thinking of the individual on the deepest sub-conscious level. Low frequency energies can be ignored as they will have a limited effect on the individual. It is the high frequencies energies which if of a malefic nature have to be exorcised.

Exorcism is done through the use of Mantras, Yantras or the use of Paranormal Remedies. A combination of tow or all of the above means is also used. This site has been over the years exploring a lot of these Exorcism Remedies; not only for use by the needy; but also for information and educational purposes. If you wish you can browse the remedies in the sections on - Protection Mantras, Yantra and Paranormal Remedies.

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