Hanuman Mantra to calm the mind

A turbulent and disturbed mind is the diagnostic center for most diseases and ailments. Disturbances in the physical body start expressing themselves through the mind as it is the only channel of expression. A calm mind is the indicator of good health; physical as well as physiological.

Today I am giving a Shabar Hanuman Mantra to calm the mind. With this mantra you can calm not only your mind but also that of any other person who is going through a torrid time.

To use this mantra you have to chant it with concentration and while chanting the mantra sprinkle some water on the head and body of the mentally disturbed person.  Alternately you can also apply some sacred ash [Vibhuti] or simply slowly rotate your hand over the head of that person.

Soothing Hanuman Mantra Chant to calm the mind
Hanuman Mantra to calm the mind

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  1. Can you use a photo of the person if you're not able to do the experiment on them / for them in person?

    1. Yes if you are confident enough to do remote healing.

    2. ok, thank you. I will definitely give it my best.

  2. sir how many times we have to chant this mantra in a day and how many days !!

    1. Days and numbers do not matter; first you have to remember the mantra by heart and then chant it whenever the need is felt.

  3. I dont know hindi nor sanskrit,so i'm having a trouble in pronouncing the words.. i am scared to chant it as it might turn into a disaster. Can you help me with this sir?

  4. Sir neeln,

    Mantra work superb.. thanks for sharing asome/hidden knowledge of Shabar mantra..


  5. Can I use this mantra on me to make my calm and to stop unwanted thinking?

    Please let me know and oblige me there by.

  6. Can I use this mantra on me, to make my own mind calm and stop unwanted thinking?

    Please, anybody let me know and oblige me there by.


    1. Yes, you can use the Mantra on yourself and follow the procedure given in the post on yourself.

  7. Mr Neel N thanx for sharing this useful infromation to all. its very helpful to all.


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