Hanuman mantra for extreme weakness

This is a Shabar Hanuman Mantra for extreme weakness. Many people due to disease and illness become debilitated and prone to fatigue; this is due to the extreme weakness of their physical condition.

The mantra which I am giving in this post is primarily to aid these people regain Health . The wordings of this mantra might sound funny; but that’s the way most Shabar mantras were composed. Please remember that these mantra are said to attract the most unique frequencies.

In this mantra replace the word “amuk” with the name of the person suffering from extreme weakness and chant the mantra and then blow your breath over his or in the direction of his body. Take some ash which has fallen for an Agarbatti at the feet of Hanuman and apply it on the forehead of the patient.

Hanuman mantra chanting for removing extreme weakness
Hanuman mantra for extreme weakness

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  1. Sir, can this mantra be used for self? How to use it for self? I suffer from Essential Tremors (or Kampan Vaath) since birth. Now I am 35 years old and still suffering. Further more it increases after, sex. It is also making me weak. Sometimes I feel, my maternal uncle has cast some ill through mantras, which is causing loss of veerya and bala. Please guide on how to practice celibacy. I also want to learn how to worship Shri Hanuman seriously. Please guide me on the correct rituals and discipline required. I want to increase my veerya shakti and bala. I also really want to worship shri hanuman life long.

  2. Dear Sir you did not mention in this post that how many times need to be chanted this mantra.Is any day and time is okay please reply.
    Thank you

  3. Hello Sir,

    The mantra given here has different version where it reads like " Naa rahe isme koi Kasar" could you please check and advise.

    I understand that you would want to claim your version to be correct but there are multiple sources stating the wording I mentioned above that contradicts with your version of mantra. Please check and advise. Thanks.

    1. There are more than one version of the same mantra, the one given in this post is one of those mantras.


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