Mantra to increase brain power

This two letter mantra is chanted to strengthen and increase brain power. This mantra which can be traced to the Jainism branch of Indian Mantra Vidya is said to send strong vibratory frequencies to enhance and strengthen the facilities already present in the human brain.

As it is a Jain Mantra certain Satvik [pure] principles like giving up on Non- Vegetarian food have to be followed while you are practicing this mantra.

As regards the practice of this mantra , it has to be chanted 1080 times or 10 Malas each in the morning, afternoon and evening; this means 3240 times a day. The Mala used has to be a Yellow Hakik Mala [yellow agate rosary of 108 beads].

Mantra to increase brain power in Jainism
Mantra to increase brain power

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  1. You have mentioned that this mantra should be recited 3024 times daily. For how many days this mantra should be recited and what should be the total number of recitations.

  2. Respected Guruji,
    I too have the question as to how many days this Mantra to increase Brain Power is to be chanted. Kindly answer.
    Ranganatha Rao
    rang an a thane kale

    1. This is Long-term Mantra Sadhana for increasing mind power, you could continue the Mantra Chanting until you feel that your purpose has been solved and you have increased your Brain Power as per your expectations.

    2. Respected Sir,
      Thanks for the satisfying answer.
      Ranganatha Rao

  3. Respected Sir,
    In my above question, the email ID given is incorrect. The correct ID is
    For your kind information please.
    Ranganatha Rao

  4. Guruji can I recite this for my 4 year old daughter?

    1. You can chant the Mantra in front of you daughter so that the vibrations of the Mantra benefit her and enhance her mind and brain capacities.

  5. Can this mantra sadhana be tried more than once.As and when a person feels like.

    1. Yes, the recommended method of chanting is described in the post.

  6. Guruji pranam, before chanting this mantra any kind of ritual or diksha is necessary.


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