Laxmi Mantra for positivity

This is a powerful Laxmi Sarva Karya Siddhi mantra meaning a powerful Laxmi mantra for all purposes. The mantra is dedicated to Laxmi in the form of Padmavati; the one who processes the lotus.

This Laxmi mantra is a mantra for positivity. This mantra has been recommended to be chanted 21 times before the commencement of any new venture. Also this mantra has can be chanted 7 times daily in the morning after having a bath to usher in all round positivity in your life.

Goddess Laxmi Mantra Chant for positivity
Mantra for positivity
This mantra is said to shower the blessings of Laxmi mantra upon you as well as keep all your enemies in check.

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