Mantra to raise the Kundalini

This is a mantra to raise and awaken the Kundalini which lies coiled in a dormant state in the Muladhara Chakra. This Kundalini awakening mantra is said to trace its origin to the Nath Sampradaya.

The Kundalini raising root sounds contained in this mantra are –
Yam – Anahata Chakra
Ram – Manipura Chakra
Lam, Sham, Van – Muladhara Chakra

Aim, Hreem, Kleem and Shreem are the Shakti Beejaksharas to activate and raise the Anahata, Manipura and the Muladhara Chakras.. Aim is also the root of the Vishuddhi Chakra.

The wordings of this mantra are given exactly as given to me by the Nath Sampradaya Sadhak. The wordings in the Sanskrit script are the original sounds; the translation might differ slightly.

Mantra to raise and activate the Kundalini Shakti
Mantra to raise the Kundalini

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  1. can we have an audio mp3 of this mantra please. It would help to chant the mantra without any error. It would be really helpful if we had audio of all the mantras available on this site.

  2. how many times this mantra should be recited?

  3. how many times it shoud be chanted........./???

  4. i think all mantras are standard at 108. Thats what I do if there is no number of times given.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What you describes probably appears to be the movement of the Kundalini Shakti from the Root to the Heart Chakra.

    2. hello Abhishek, very good to hear your success. can you please tell me how you have ben chanting the mantra. what procedure you use since I have also started chanting the om namo shivay.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you very much Abhishek. This really helps a lot. Can you clarify a little more, when you say you chant the shiv mool mantra--which mantra is that, is that om namo shivay. Thanks.

    2. Hello Abhishek,

      As your comment is removed by the author. Please again share your experience as this may help other sadhak to boost there energy.


  7. I request Neel Sir to please not remove any comments regarding experiences of sadhak. There is no such reason to delete the comments. The experience will help other sadhak also and also boost there confidence.

    1. The comment has been removed by the author of the comment himself and not by the site.

    2. Neel has nothing to do with it. I personally removed all my previous comments.

      Basically, after few days of sharing the entire process which i followed along with mantra, i started loosing concentration during meditation all of a sudden.

      Later, i came to know from someone that mantra which one practice should not be revealed to others.

      Though i was following a very basic mantra & a very simple process but still after coming to know about mantra secrecy, i immediately removed all my previous comments & experiences which i shared by way of comments on this site.

    3. Hey how long it took u to see results

  8. Sit on bed toward east straigt leg position as you feel comfortable then listen music like bell or birds there is lot of related music in internet for consntration or for your thoughts who are coming in your mind continously then take few deep breaths and say to god that " god activate my kundilini shakti,, then take deep breath start chanting om namah shivay as releasing your breath for 15-20 minutes daily same time for atleast one month depands on your spritual progress in this life or in past life you will feel vibration in your spinal cord . When you will feel then i will tell you about next steps to do for kundilini activation

    1. If we would like to awaken the Kundalini, especially Ajna chakra, for gaining of Akarshan shakti to invoke semi-goddess like Yakshini or Apsaras, what's the best method for practice? Tratak meditation?

  9. Thanks for sharing. Yes i feel strong vibrations in my forehead and blue light while in shambhavi mudra (eyes gazing at center of forehead). Earlier it started from headache but now no headache. This vibrational condition occurs after half hour of meditation. Vibrations are not so strong in my spinal chord as compared to forehead but it feels like that something is stuck at back of my neck. However i am confirmed that my kundalini has not been raised to the desired level despite i have achieved control over the thoughts during meditation. I will be grateful if you could explain my condition.


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