Kali Mantra Sadhana to open the Crown Chakra

This is a Kali Mantra which in my opinion is suitable only for the highly developed Sadhaks or the advanced practitioners of Tantra engaged in Kali Sadhana. On a higher plane this is a Mantra which has the Kali Tattva; sought by Tantriks to seek enlightenment.

For those seeking to raise the Kundalini Shakti; Kali Mata the fearsome manifestation of the Mother Goddess is present in a dormant state in every body; in the Muladhara Chakra. The sheer concentration and single mindedness of the Sadhak enables this Kundalini Shakti to pierce all the other Chakras and enter and open the Crown Chakra.

I must mention here that I am of the opinion that every individual has his or her individual triggers; which activate the dormant Kundalini Shakti present in the Muldhara Chakra. Mantras also act as that trigger, the unique vibrations of the Mantra activate dormant the Kundalini. For the worshippers of Kali Mata, engaged in Kali Sadhana seeking enlightenment; this Mantra could very well be that trigger.

Kali Mantra Sadhana to open and activate the Crown Chakra
Kali Mantra
However as I have said before only the evolved and developed Sadhaks who know and understand what they are doing should practice such Shakti Mantras . The person who is not ready could very well loose his mental balance.

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  1. What do you mean by Mental Balance !!!

    1. If you are well versed and have knowledge of the Kundalini Tantra, know what you are seeking, then there should be no problem for you,
      People, just chanting the Mantra, for the heck of it, will face mental problems.


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