Mantra Sadhana to attract money

This is a Mantra Sadhana which is used in some parts of India to attract money. This Mantra Sadhana is considered most auspicious when done on a Ravi Pushya Yoga. If you are somehow unable to do it on this Yoga, then you can do it on any other auspicious occasion which falls on a Sunday, Wednesday or Friday.

All you have to do is to write down this Mantra on a Bhojpatra and then worship the Bhojpatra by offering Dhoop and lighting a Diya and applying a Tilak on the Bhojpatra. After doing this you have to keep the Bhojpatra in your safe or the place where you normally store your money.

This Mantra Sadhana is said to ensure that you will never be short of money. The Mantra given is the Hindi script has to be written, the English translation has been given for the sake convenience.

Magical Hindu Mantra Chant to attract money
Mantra to attract money

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  1. I have rudraksa on my nek,can i take a shouwer with it,eat meat, sleep with it,keep it on when i have my montly periode,what can and cant i do.
    I have my planet stone in a gold ring,can i always keep it on, do i have to take it off sometime.
    Thank you

    1. I have already replied to this comment before on another post.
      There are 2 sets of Sadhaks one believes in the sanctity of the Rudraksh and the other says that meat, periods and everything else also originates from Shiva so no rules are required.The same applies to your ring.
      As to sleeping with the Rudraksh on your neck you can do it only if you feel comfortable doing so.

  2. Dear Neel Sir,
    With which ink and object we have to write the mantra on Bhojpatra?

    1. Dear Neel Sir,
      Can we write with wooden stick or something else?Which is preferable?

    2. Yes any witting instrument will do

    3. Hello Neel sir,

      You mentioned that mantra should be written on Bhojpatra. Indeed Bhojpatra is a leaf of Bhoj tree.If that is not available can i replace bhojpatra with other material.Or is it mandatory
      to be written on Bhojpatra

      Do reply sir
      thank you

    4. Bhojpatra is a commonly found item in shops selling religious articles; if you can find it try on while paper.

  3. sir how many times i should chant

  4. Hello Neel sir,

    Will it works even though plam lines and vastu are not good?

    Please reply.


    1. This mantra does not depend on any other requirement such as palm lines and vastu.

  5. Sir how many times to chant?


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