Mantra to find hidden wealth

This is a Tantrik Yakshini Mantra Sadhana. This Sadhana is done to win the favor of the Pramoda Yakshini. This Yakshini is said to be a feminine energy which is said to show the location of hidden wealth.

The Pramoda Yakshini Mantra given below has to be chanted 1000 times after midnight after having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

This has to be done for a month; after which the Yakshini is said to appear before you and show you the location of the hidden wealth.

Secret Hindu Mantra Chant to find hidden wealth
Mantra to find hidden wealth
Note – This post has been written for information purposes and not to ask you to practice what is written above.

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  2. Namastay Guruji,
    Your postings are very good and the way you are helping people to become spritual master. I want to become master of finding the hidden gold or treasure. Kindly lead in this way of sadhana. Many gurujis came none of them find any thing.

  3. A few questions on this:

    1. Can this be practiced at my home?

    2. If I successfully invoke the Yakshini, will she stay forever with me, or just leave after showing me the location of hidden wealth?

    3. What type of jaap mala should we use?

    4. If you say at night, so between what time shall I commence the Sadhana?


    1. Yes, the Mantra Sadhana can be done at home, anytime after midnight.
      The Yakshini is invoked only once and will depart after showing the location.
      You can use any kind of Japa Mala, Rudraksha Mala is prefered.

  4. Last few questions:

    Most such hidden wealth carry curses or entities guarding them, so would she also help me collect the wealth safely?

    Would the yakshini also take something from me in return of telling the secret?

    If I want some more wealth afterwards, can I redo the sadhana?

    What occurences do take place when she comes, meaning, does she look fearful?

    1. The Description of the Yakshini is not given in the texts.
      The text does not indicate any curses or entities guarding the wealth, so it means there are no obstacles.
      She will take nothing in return, the Mantra Sadhana is one time and you cannot redo it.

    2. Hey Raunak, were you successful in carrying out the sadhna?

  5. Guruji it is general question that you told earlier that yakshini sadhna for advanced sadhaks only , so a novice can do this sadhna?

  6. First try completing the Sadhana. It's not that easy. You will miss atleast one day. To attain siddhi over a mantra is not so easy...

    1. I have done 150000 japas drill Now I'm doing it but Devi has not appeard PlZ help me Guruji

  7. I have done 1 half lakh japas god has not appeard PlZ help me guys

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