Paranormal Indian remedy to regain good health

The Sacred fig tree, Peepal in Hindi has its own unique place in Indian culture and religious beliefs. This tree is known as the “king of tree” in the Hindu religion. The Buddha gained Nirvana while meditating under this tree.

Here I am giving an Indian paranormal remedy to eradicate chronic and long lasting diseases and ailments and regain good health. This paranormal remedy makes the use of the Sacred fig tree.

Practitioners of the Tantra advise the sick and ailing to bring home and plant a sapling of the Sacred fig tree and to worship and water it everyday. It is believed that as the sapling starts growing the diseases will be eradicated and you will regain good health

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  1. guruji fig tree's name in hindi is anjir tree, papal is not anjir tree. am I right?

  2. Namaste Guruji, peepal tree grows very large and tall. No place to plant this in my place. I'm watering the peepal tree from several months and after reading Guru remedies. I'm watering the tree with my palms. I'm totally lean, keep worshipping god with most of the powerful mantras published on this site. Is this fine to regain my health as I'm facing night emissions very often and also started taking black plum seeds powder to get rid of this problem

  3. Guruji, one Palmistry person after seeings my palms told that I will face this problem for lifetime. Can a person predict about a health of person for his enter life. As I have tried many ayurvedic medicine but facing the same problem. I have started taking black plum seeds powder to get rid of this as well. I face too many problems and obstacles when I go out for work or even for personal work. As I'm totally lean because of this problem , most people sit on my head most people dominate me seeing my weakness. I tried several medicine, do daily worship and have medicine as well. No god is hearing my prayers


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