Paranormal remedy to remove fear of police

A lot of people the world over fear the Law; especially the police; some have genuine concerns; others a physiological problem. Such people need not worry; there is a specific Indian Paranormal remedy for the very purpose of removing the fear of cops.

All the fearful person has to do is keep a small round Iron ball like a Ball Bearing and paint it red.  Then this small Iron ball has to be kept in the pocket.  This simple Remedy is said to remove the fear of police.

These paranormal remedies might sound strange and funny; but they are practiced in some quarters in India are said to give results. However if aspiring criminals are reading this please do not blame me if things go wrong.

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  1. Sir, my cousin has been troubling me for my ancestral property, for which he had used his police contacts also. Due to this reason, my family is living in the grip of fear. Can the red painted ball be kept in cash box of home or our puja place. Sir, I need your kind help.

    1. In the pocket as specifically mentioned in the post above.

  2. Sir, thanks for hour kind advice. Only problem is, that in the evening, when I retire for the day, sometimes casuals don't have a pocket. Then where to keep the ball. Or it can also be permanently placed in the pocket of a dress placed in the wardrobe. Sorry, for troubling you once again.

    1. At home you can keep the Ball somewhere else.

  3. Thank you very much, thanks once again indeed.

  4. Sir, can I wear this ball like a pendant around my neck?

  5. Sir,with reference to my queries in 2014 in this regard, my humble request to your goodslf is that due to my problem mentioned to you in 2014, my wife also need protection. Since woman dresses usually don't have pockets, then how this wonderful remedy be carried out ?

    1. You wife can keep the ball in her purse, if she is unable to keep it on her body.

  6. Sir, I am experiencing bad patch due to Shani Dev ji and wife has Mangal in that type of position. Do this paranormal remedy work in this situation for both of us keeping red painted iron balls as advised ?

    1. You can try the remedy, it should work perfectly for both of you irrespective of the Shani and Mangal Doshas.


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