Yantra to make dreams come true

Folks the world over have always wished and hoped, how their dreams would come true. Indian Tantra has the answer; a rare and unique Yantra to makes your dreams come true.

Dreams visualized during deep sleep are said to reflect the hopes and aspirations of the innermost layers of the human consciousness. Some of these dreams turn out to come true; if interpreted correctly. The Sub –Conscious has unlimited depth and is like a fathomless ocean; the true nature of the Sub- conscious mind is still unknown.

Now coming back to the Yantra, it has a numerological value of 903. It has to be drawn on a piece of white paper and written with the ink [paste] of Kesar [Saffron] and Kasturi [scented musk powder].

ThisYantra has to be then kept near your pillow at bedtime. The answer on how to fulfill your innermost aspiration will be reveled in a dream. However cleanliness and hygene; like clean bed time clothes, bed sheet and pillow covers is a must.

Occult Hindu Yantra to make dreams come true
Yantra to make dreams come true

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  1. Kya plain paper aur red pen prayog karain?

  2. Replies
    1. Musk are in the navel of the deer, they are very expensive. Bought it 10 years ago for 10000 rupees

  3. Dear Neel Sir,
    I have one question, which always creates confusion in my mind. As we see, every kind of yantra is prepared with some ingredients, which are not available everywhere and we need to buy them from some shop but what, if the ingredients are not pure as they are expensive and being an ordinary man, I can't make difference in pure & impure one. What will be the effects in case of ingredients being impure?
    Kindly reply me and quench my curiosity on this. I'll be highly grateful.

  4. Dear Nil Sir,
    Do we need to follow Brahmcharya while using this yantra & how many days we have to repeat the procedure for?

    1. No need for Brahmcharya, the same Yantra can be used again and again there in no need to repeat the process again.

  5. Dear Neel Sir,
    Since the pure Kasturi and Kesar are hard to find,can I use something else to make the yantra? For example milk,ink or sindoor?


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