The wait for Kalki Avatar

This is an address to all those readers of this site who regularly write to me asking me about when the last Avatar of Vishnu the Kalki Avatar will finally arrive. When will the Hindu prophecies prophecies fulfill themselves? How long before they see light at the end of the unending dark tunnel?

I don’t blame these folks one bit for being so agitated; its desperation time for the ordinary citizen of India. They watch helplessly as the entire treasury gets looted; the natural resources being plundered. Everything is up for grabs as the common man desperately thinks of ways to make two ends meet; desperate for medical aid to save himself and his loved ones.

Everything is up for deals and barter; including the office of the President of India. Reports and proofs of scams and looting are blatantly ignored at scoffed at by the looters; who govern. The country is held to ransom and divided into captive vote banks; solely on the basis of caste, region and religion. The most asked question is – When will all this end?

The Bhagavad-Gita and the Puranas state that the Kalki Avatar will manifest when the Age of Darkness – the Kali Yuga is at its peak. Now is this peak or is there still more to come? How long does one have to wait?

The past three years have seen the unraveling of a lot of the scams; the looting and the extent of the criminalization of the system of governance. Not many people were of the extent to which the rot had set in; now at least people have become aware. What does this say? There is movement; momentum is gathering and it is accelerating at a rapid pace; notably over the past year or so.

This rapid acceleration will gather it own pace which will cause unprecedented changes, chaos; both political and financial. We are now at present in that state of acceleration. Every man and women has to be a Kalki Avatar; if they want to see light.

When the oil has been exhausted the lamp makes one last effort and shines at its brightest and then gets goes off.

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