Paranormal remedy for job transfer

If you are looking for a transfer to another department or another place in your current employment; this is a simple paranormal Indian remedy,  which is said to give the desired results.

This is what this remedy says you have to do –
In the morning after the bath wear clean clothes, take 11 dried red chilies and throw them in the direction of the Sun while chanting you wish; about your desired job transfer.

This procedure has to be continued for a period of 43 days till you get your desired job transfer. If anytime before the end of the 43 days your wish is fulfilled then stop doing this experiment

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  1. Dear Sir, Can I want to change my present job to another sponsorship. (company change) Is it possible by this mantra?

    1. This job Remedy is for all types of transfers.

  2. Dear sir, pranaam. I have been married for 4 years & have a kid. With a little differences between me and my husband, our marriage was still happy. Now because of some reasons, we had to move back to my in-laws. My mother-in-law is very possessive for my husband & wants to control everything, including our marriage. She keeps me torturing for dowry & wants me to get separated from my husband. My husband is a good man but doesn't wish to go against his mother.
    I humbly request you to provide me a mantra to chant to get me away from this situation, if possible something for transfer. I do pooja daily, but would not be able to perform any ritual, in front of my mother-in-law.
    I don't mean any harm to my in- laws, because my husband loves them a lot. But I can not let my marriage break, at least for the sake of my kid. Please sir, do the needful & suggest any mantra to chant or a pooja that I may promise now & do once we get transferred. Me & my kid will bless you a lot. Thank you

    1. Kindly see the paranormal remedies section, there are some remedies given there for this purpose.

    2. Cannot work any remedies I tried but not successful. These remedies are only for your relaxation. Not for success. Don't depend these remedies totally false.

  3. Sir,Can i or my mom practise the above remedy for my brother since he will not be able to perform the remedy continously? Pls kindly reply brother is in a critical situation and is the only earning person of the family.

    1. The remedy has to be practised by your brother himself, others cannot practise on his behalf.

  4. Dear sir,
    if above discountinued , result will happen.
    Sir, it should be continued in one place or other places also, (i mean every weekend i will go to my home)

    1. The remedy can be practised in more than one place, if discontinued, it has to be commenced from the start, once again.

  5. Hi sir can i do this remedy in periods days as well. As we dnt do any prayer on those days. Please suggest. Contiuous 43 days is nt possible if i cant do this in those days

    1. This remedy can be practised during the periods, so no need to take a gap.

  6. Sir, kindly suggest a remedy to avoid transfer.thank yoy

  7. Sir i have completed this remedy but this doesnt benefit me.

  8. Dear Sir,
    What is the time range in the morning within which this remedy should be performed.? Does it require Surya namaskara with chanting of Maantras before throwing the red chillis to make this remedy successfull. What are the strict do's and dont,s in this procedure? Why is that some people are not successful with this remedy?

  9. Has it to be done in open like terrace by looking at sun or can be done inside house.
    What is to be done with those chillies bcoz 11chilies daily for 43 days wil turn into a pile.

  10. i did it for 43 days but in vain no result came in my favour


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