25 Auspicious dreams

When one sleeps all the senses become immobile and then the sub-conscious mind takes over. It is said in Hindu Spiritualism that the sub-conscious mind merges with the super-conscious mind or the universal mind. Dreams are said to be an indication of things and events to come.

But it is seen more often than not that the meanings and messages given in dreams are not properly interpreted. Here I have listed below some of the interpretations of dreams as per ancient Hindu studies.

In this post I will be writing about auspicious dreams. This is not the full list; I will be listing more interpretations of auspicious dreams.15 More Auspicious Dreams

Auspicious dreams
These dreams indicate a happy event or a happy period.
1. Music, hearing the sound of the Veena [a musical instrument]
2. Blood coming out from your body.
3. Seeing yourself sitting in a ship.
4. Having a bath with water.
5. Seeing your own death.
6. Seeing a girl, food-grains, birds, deep [lamp of oil in a place of worship]
7. Drinking the milk of a cow, buffalo, tigress or lioness.
8. Meeting with the King or a Ruler/someone in authority.
9. Seeing ones parents or friends.

These dreams indicate wish fulfillment
1. Seeing a clear sky.
2. Seeing yourself walking or seeing yourself cross a bridge without stumbling or tripping.
3. Seeing a dead body.
4. Just watching a feast, function or party going on.
5. Seeing yourself running.
6. Seeing yourself going to heaven.
7. Seeing someone being hanged.
8. Seeing yourself building a house,
9. Seeing yourself climbing a staircase.
10. Seeing a lot of song and dance.
11. Seeing a flock or group of animals.

These dreams indicate good news coming your way
1. Seeing ants.
2. Seeing yourself wearing good clothes, or seeing yourself well dressed.
3. Seeing yourself being caught by someone.
4. Seeing yourself purchasing food grains or cloth.
5. Seeing a fort.

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  1. sir i mostly sees lizard n my dreams ,whts the meanng of ths dream? pls reply

    1. i you see them inside house or inside any room
      of you, it means you are now having influence of Rahu and you might suffer from any kind of money loss.

  2. Hello sir i always a very big black bull in my drems from last 2-3 years. this bull always try to hit me and i always get scared badly in my dreams. please tell me what does that mean.

  3. what if i see a throne in my leg and when i take it out blood start coming out of it

  4. Hello
    I saw that I was a brahmins climbing, stairs and eating bhog and prasad with 36 other pandits.there was another line of brahmins climbing other stairs to have food there were 28 pandits...please tell me the meaning of these dreams..thanks

  5. What if I dream of going to temple of Lakshmi or parvathi And applied turmeric and kumkum on face


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