15 More Auspicious Dreams

This post is a continuation of my earlier post 25 Auspicious Dreams. In this post am giving 15 more interpretation of Auspicious Dreams according to Hindu religious studies.

While conducting an interpretation of your dreams the following 6 points have to be always kept in mind-

1. Dreams seen in the first quarter of the night will be fulfilled after one year.

2. Dreams seen in the second quarter of the night will be fulfilled in eight months.

3. Dreams of the third quarter will be fulfilled after a period of three months,

4. Dreams of the fourth quarter will be fulfilled after one month.

5. Dreams seen immediately before sunrise are fulfilled after 10 days.

6. Dreams seen at sunrise are fulfilled immediately.

Dreams indicating long life
1. If you see the death of someone, it indicates that that person will gain in health and live a long and healthy life.

Dreams indication monetary gains, wish fulfillment, finding love
1.Dreaming about God, Priest, King, Lion, Bull, Deer, Elephant, Horse, Hen, frog, Peacock, Gold and beautiful women wearing white clothes and expensive ornaments.

2. Seeing yourself climbing a Hillock, Mountain, Big trees and other trees of fruits and vegetables.

3. Seeing yourself acquiring a Mirror, Meat or a Lotus.

4. Seeing yourself being bitten by a white Snake on your right hand.

5. Seeing yourself being bitten by a large Rodent or a Scorpion while you are in a standing position in water.

6. Seeing your body, house or a carriage catching fire,

7. Seeing yourself roaming in a forest.

Dreams indicating Honor, Respect, fame
1. Seeing yourself swimming or just watching a Lake or an Ocean.

2. Seeing the Sun, Moon, Stars or entire Solar Systems.

3. Seeing yourself climbing a large Palace or a Mountain.

4. Seeing yourself drinking Wine or any type of Alcohol.

5. Seeing yourself eating Meat, Kheer [a sweet dish], Curd and Rice.

6. Seeing yourself putting excrement on your body.

7. Dreaming of white clothes, flowers, jewels and ornaments.

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  1. sir plz can u tell me what if i see kinnar;s applying sindoor on my forehead and giving me white sweet milk on my hand in dream. this dream i saw in the early morning time.

    1. This could be an auspicious dream regarding domestic life; indicate happiness in marriage; the unmarried might get marriage proposals.

    2. Sir can u tell me the what it means. I dreamed on shivling and vinayagar in a temple.

    3. @Monika Soni
      How did things turn out after the dream??

  2. Can you please tell me what it means. I dreamed that I found white conch shells in a graveyard and my death grand ma told me that the conch shells will bring me luck and I must tell no one. Thank you sir.

    1. Could be a message from your grandmother, offer some white flowers to the grave of your grandmother.

  3. sir, can you give your email-id. i need to write a personal problem to you and i want your remedy suggestion. This is a request.

  4. Goodmorning sir i see a Golden Bull coming from the Sky.

  5. Sir I saw kinnar helping in my dreams, what does it means

  6. today i have a dream of putting sindoor on a forehead of a women. I am a married women with two children. Me and my husband often fought for useless matter. I want to know the interpretation of this dream.

  7. I saw many kinners in the temple in my dreams early morning....i n my mom were jus standing there...what does that means

  8. hi my name is ramya. i need interpretation for dream which my mother have seen last night. she saw herself in white clothes what it means

    1. There is no need to panic as the white color signifies purity and true nature of the Atma or Soul is purity.
      It is probable that your mother got a vision of here true soul in her dream.

  9. I saw my self parting my hair in middle n received as sindoor from a dulhan n I put it n saw one lady giving me small chunni to wipe my hand

  10. I had a dream of a red and white coral snake voting my heel last night.what does it mean?

  11. Sir I saw a dream that a Kinner is giving me blessing , so what does it mean

  12. Om namo narayana,

    I saw a dream in which a girl having sex with me, and that girl was very dirty like tamsi girl, please tell me what does it mean

  13. Sir yesterday i am not sure may be at 3 am i saw i was eating meat and then suddenly kali maa came flying and started eating my hand i was scared and started running she still catched me and was eating my hand near my shouldier..today at 6 or 7 Am i saw many kinnar surrounding me they were happy but i was still and scared....sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i request u pls pls tell me what does it mean pls

    1. Think nothing about it, probably has something to do with the state of your digestion system.

  14. Yesterday I saw a dream in which I and my mother were giving sindoor,bindi,aalta etc to kinnars. What does this signifies?

  15. Hello sir,

    I had a dream today morning around 8am
    My friend applying red tilak in my forehead in a temple.

    Please tell the meaning.


  16. Today a Kinnar Came to My House. I will not mention here what I did for them, but in return they gave me Few RICE telling that they were from their Guru Ji. My Mother In Law told me to put them in Locker, but I want to know your opinion as well as to what is the significance of the above.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I saw Maa Kali statue and someone was preparing meat prasad in front of it. I was scared to see the flesh in oil, I tasted it confirm if it was flesh. I was even scared in the dream, that I have absorbed someone's negative practice... what would this mean? Am i just over thinking?

  19. hello sir i saw kinner in my dream... i saw smiling faces of them..

    what does it mean ? kindly reply..
    thank you

  20. Hi sir, my mom got in dream ..a lady asking kumkum to her ... She thinks to give ..then she got up

  21. Hi Today early morning had a dream, of a priest dressed like Hanuman ji, telling me my near future is tough for me, and then he applies sandalwood on my fore head. what would this mean?

  22. I saw my friend (women) she is bengali applying kumkum on my forehead yesterday night it was savra pitri ambasya

  23. Sir could u plz interpret my dream... As I was chase by some negative element and I went to Pooja room and applied sindoor myself on my forehead in d name of lord Krishna to protect myself from dat negative element and itz gone after I did that... What does that mean???

    1. Nothing to worry about, it indicates a protective influence in your life, keep failth in Krishna.


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