Manikarnika Devi Mantra

As per Hindu scriptures, Manikarnika Devi is said to a form of the Divine Mother; she is worshipped as the Shakti and is associated with holy city of Kashi, which dates back even before the Puranas.  She is worshipped for blessings to remove fear, gain in wealth and money, gaining progeny, marriage and marriage related matters, Moksha, and spiritual advancement.

Manikarnika Devi has been portrayed as holding a garland of Lotus flowers in her right hand and the Bijora fruit in her left hand. Her neck is adorned with a garland of white flowers and jewellery, which is of a white color. The complexion is like that of the glowing full moon. She has three eyes, which are as radiant as the Sun. She is Paschimabhimukh [westwards facing].

The Manikarnika Mantra given here has to be chanted 300,000 times for it to show results. After completion of the Mantra Chants, Dashansh Havan of Tri-Madhu- Lotus flowers mixed with Honey, Pure Cow Ghee and Sugar have to be offered to the Havan. While being immersed in the Meditation. the practitioner should focus on the description of Manikarnika Devi, which is given in the above paragraph.

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