Vashikaran Tilak prepared inside a Human Skull

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Tilak to put an enchantment spell on a desired lover, which makes the use of a Human Skull. Even though the Tantra makes the use of a Human Skull and Tantras, which use such items, are considered as Tamsic, the experiment does not appear like an out and out Tamsic Vashikaran experiment.

The Vashikaran Tilak has to be prepared on a Friday, the experiment is thus - Chameli flowers [Jasmine flowers] have to be wrapped in a small piece of cotton cloth and rolled to prepare a wick, like the one, which is normally prepared to light oil or ghee lamps.

The rolled wick has to be dipped in Erandi Ka Tel[Castor Oil] and lit inside a Khopdi] Human Skull and lit. When the fire has completely extinguished, the Kajal [Soot], which is the residue of the burnt wick has to be collected and stored.

If a Tilak of this Kajal is applied on the forehead, it acts as a most powerful Vashikaran Tilak and is said to be put a desired lover under a strong love spell and the person come under the management and control of the practitioner of this Vashikaran Tantra.

Note- I do not advocate such Vashikaran experiments neither can I vouch for their success or failure.

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