Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra

In continuation of my efforts in bringing to the fore rare and unique experiments on unknown and unheard of Yakshinis, in this post is given a Mantra Sadhana to invoke the Vibhrama Yakshini.  The meaning of Vibhrama is universally taken to be found of love or sexual desire; however, it is uncertain if this has anything to do with this Yakshini.

The Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra Sadhana has to be commenced on any Saturday night in a Smashan Bhoomi [Hindu Cremation Ground].   The entire Sadhana has to be performed during the night and in a period of three months the Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra, which is shown in the image has to be chanted 200,000 times, A Rudraksha Mala is the recommended Counting Rosary.

Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra for food for 50 persons
Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra

After the conclusion of the 200,000 Mantra Chants, the practitioner has to perform Dashansh Havan [one tenth] 20,000 times, each time offering Pure Cow Ghee and Chanting the Mantra, in as few days as possible.

If the practitioner succeeds in his endeavor of pleasing the Vibhrama Yakshini. She blesses him with food sufficient for fifty persons every day.

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