Money Making Totka

We get all kinds of requests for posting more and more paranormal remedies to gain money, wealth and property. Taking into consideration the wishes of our readers, we have posted the most diverse range of Money Making Totke for this purpose. In this post, is given an extremely uncommon Tantra, which is believed to fulfill the wishes of the practitioner.

To perform this Money Attracting Totka, on any auspicious Hindu festival or Tithi, the practitioner has to infuse a small root of a Bargad tree [Banyan tree] which is growing under a Banyan tree [small shoots growing under a Banyan tree are a common sight] with any on the popular Laxmi Mantras like - Shreem श्रीं, which is a Beej Mantra. This has to be done by gazing at the root and chanting the Mantra 11 times.

After performing what is mentioned above, on the Midnight of the next day, the practitioner has to go naked [sounds strange and difficult, but that is what is specified in the Tantra] to the Banyan tree and uproot the Banyan Shoot from the ground and bring it home.

After bringing the Banyan Shoot home, the practitioner has to worship it by lighting an oil lamp and a couple of incense sticks in front of it.

After this, the Banyan Shoot has to be placed in the place where the practitioner keeps his money, like his cupboard, safe or cash counter. The Banyan Shoot is said to act like a money attracting charm and bring good luck to the practitioner.

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