Yakshini Mantra for Rare Items from Patal Lok

This is a Yakshini Mantra Experiment, which is commenced on a day when there are dark clouds in the sky. The Mantra invokes a Yakshini called Mahendra, about whom only a handful of people would have heard about. I do not have a description or the special traits attributed to this Yakshini, nor have I heard about anyone who has ever invoked the Mahendra Yakshini. Nevertheless, I will describe the invocation process in this post.

As explained above the Prayog has to be commenced when there are dark clouds hovering in the sky. The entire Mantra Sadhana has to be done under a Nirgundi Tree, known in the English language as the [Vitex negundo] Five-leaved chaste tree.

The Mahendra Yakshini Mantra has to be chanted 100,000 times in a fixed number of days [fixed number of Mantra Chants per day] in as little a number of days as possible. The preferred Counting Mala is the Rudraksha Mala.

Once the Mantra Chants are complete, the Sadhak has to perform a fire Havan and chant the Mantra 10,000 times while making offerings to the Havan. The Sadhak has to offer five items to the Havan, such as Rice, Honey, Pure Cow Ghee, Grains, Tulsi, Milk, Curds or any other popular Fire Havan Offering.

If successful in invoking the Mahendra Yakshini after the conclusion of the Mantra Experiment, the Mahendra Yakshini will gift the Sadhak five unique and rare items from the Patal Lok. Patal Lok is believed to comprise of Seven Lower Realms of the Universe and should not be confused with Hell, there is no such thing as Absolute Hell in the Hindu Religion, everything is relative in nature.

Mahendra Yakshini Mantra
Yakshini Mantra for Rare Items from Patal Lok

Note- There is a known Yakshini known as the Mahendri Yakshini, believed to be immensely powerful. However, this is the Mantra Sadhana procedure, which I gathered from the Tantra. It is quite possible that this Sadhana is for the Mahendra Yaksha, the male counterpart of the Yakshini.

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  2. The width and length of the seven lower planetary systems are calculated to be exactly the same as those of earth.

  3. Bhagavata Purana (SB 5.24.31) on Patala loka :

    Beneath Rasātala is another planetary system, known as Pātāla or Nāgaloka, where there are many demoniac serpents, the masters of Nāgaloka, such as Śaṅkha, Kulika, Mahāśaṅkha, Śveta, Dhanañjaya, Dhṛtarāṣṭra, Śaṅkhacūḍa, Kambala, Aśvatara and Devadatta. The chief among them is Vāsuki. They are all extremely angry, and they have many, many hoods — some snakes five hoods, some seven, some ten, others a hundred and others a thousand. These hoods are bedecked with valuable gems, and the light emanating from the gems illuminates the entire planetary system of bila-svarga.

  4. Neel sir, I don't think God Yamraaj would rule a fake kingdom, According to Garuda Puran Hell is exist which is described to Garur by Lord Shree Krishna. Sir kindly don't consider my comment to offend your this post. I believe, you have some reasons to post such statement, And we look forward for your opinion.
    thank you :)

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  6. US army allegedly has a garment if worn can make the person invisible. It is like the Yakshini garment. There is a video of aliens of Venus working at Pentagon. Commander Valiant Thor came from Venus, it is said. Venus is Asura and Patala. They probably getting this invisible garment technology from them.

  7. Underworld movie series involves beings of underworld/patala.


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