Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Sunstroke

A lot of people are prone to be Sunstroke resulting from excessive heat, which can be a serious condition, depending upon the physical constitution of the concerned individual.  This can again trigger off other complications including serious ones like heart related problems. In this post, I have given a simple home remedy, which used the Tulsi [Holy Basil] leaves infused with an easy to chant Hanuman Mantra.

I have written time and again about the healing powers and health benefits of the Tulsi leaves and also their importance in a lot of Hindu rituals, including some Tantric rites. Some simple home remedies using the Tulsi Plant are given - Here.

A simple home remedy to get relief from Sunstroke is to take a fistful of Tulsi leaves, wash them with clean drinking water, mix a teaspoon of sugar them and eat them.  Tulsi is used is some unique Indian remedies for getting relief from Heat Stroke and heat related ailments, this remedy is believed to increase the curative powers of the Tulsi leaves by infusing them with a Hanuman Mantra.

Before eating the Tulsi-Sugar Mixture, the mixture has to be infused with the Hanuman Mantra – Om Hanumate Namah || - ॐ हनुमते नमः ||.  This has to be done hold the Mixture in the hand before consuming it and chanting the Hanuman Mantra 21 times.

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