Simple Hanuman Remedy for Money

This Hanuman remedy for increasing wealth is probably one of the simplest of all the Indian paranormal and religious remedies for increasing wealth and money. This remedy is suitable for any person including a layperson or a non-Indian, as there are no mantras or stotras to be chanted or any other kind of complicated ritual to be performed. This remedy is also cost-effective as it involves very little expenditure, Given below is the easy procedure to accomplish this Hanuman Totka and experience a steady growth in finances.

This Hanuman Totka has to be performed on the First Saturday of the Shukla Paksha of any month; this is the first Saturday of the Bright Fortnight of any Hindu Lunar Month.

On this day, the practitioner has to take 10 Almonds [Badam] to any Hanuman Mandir and say a small prayer in his own words, seeking the blessings of Hanuman for gaining in money and wealth.

After this, the practitioner should keep 5 Almonds in the temple, they can be kept anywhere near the Hanuman Murti and bring the remaining 5 Almonds home.

The 5 Almonds should be wrapped in a Yellow Colored Handkerchief and kept in the place where money is usually kept in the house, like the cupboard or safe, if there is a safe in the house.

This is all that has to be done, there is no Puja- Archana or Mantra Sadhana of any kind involved or recommended for performing this Totka of Hanuman.

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  1. thanks guruji for giving various methods for my welfare

  2. This is to be done only for one Saturday or n Saturday?
    How long the yellow handkerchief with 5 almonds is required to be kept? Kindly clarify.

    1. This is just a one time Sadhana to be done on Saturday.

  3. Namaste Guruji,
    Can we use yellow cloth if unable to get yellow hand kerchief

  4. hello guruji......can this remedy done during night time of shukla paksh first saturday?

  5. Neel sir can I take almonds from home (which is kept to be use) or I have to buy new ones for the remedy.

  6. Sir, it is a one time remedy. Is it like that the almonds wrapped in yellow handkerchief and placed in safe HAVE TO BE KEPT forever in the safe ?

    1. Yes, forever or as long as you wish them to, if the bundle gets damaged, immerse it in water and re-do the full remedy as mentioned in the article.

  7. namaste guruji
    can we give all the 10 almonds as bhog to hanuman ji and bring back 5 almonds or just give 5 almonds for bhog and keep the other 5 with us without giving it bhog to hanuman ji....please clearify guruji....i took 10 almond and gave it for bhog to hanumanji .and after bhog i told the pandit to keep 5 out of these it ok or i should do it without giving as bhog to hanumanji???

  8. Guruji tomorrow will be the first Saturday of Shukla paksha, kindly clear my below 2 queries please please please
    1. Which badam to use, those which we eat or the ones which is with shell & sold in a puja shop (pujawale badam)?
    2. When we go to Hanuman temple, should we offer all 10 badams to Hanumanji first & then take out 5 out of them to bring back home OR we should just carry them with us & offer only 5 to Hanumanji & bring home rest 5 of them?

    1. The same Badam that is eaten. without the shell.
      5 Badam should be offered to Hanuman and the other 5 should be brought back to your home without offering them to Hanuman, in order to perform the Totka.


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