Hanuman Remedy for Bedwetting in Children

The Hanuman Remedy given in this post is a Totka for a child who is in the habit of passing urine in sleep at night. Such a child is normally called as a sickly child, whose physical and mental constitution is weak and hence cannot ward off infections or a child harboring some sort of hidden or unknown fear. The Totka is simple to perform and can be practiced by those who have full faith in the powers of the Hindu paranormal Tantra on a child to remove the Bedwetting habit.

The practitioner, who wishes to practice this Totka on a sickly child, should keep 11 Sandalwood flavored and 11 Rose flavored Agarbattis in a Puja Thali, in front of a photograph of Hanuman.

Then he or she should keep lighting the Agarbattis one after the other and at the same time keep reading the Hanuman Chalisa.

Then is the morning the practitioner should gather all the Agarbatti ash from the Puja Thali and store it. Then the practitioner should mix a little bit of the Agarbatti ash in Ganga Jal [Holy water of the river Ganges] and apply it lightly over the Navel and lower stomach of the child.

The mixture should be applied every alternate day and continued until the Bedwetting stops.

Another paranormal Totka which is independent from the Hanuman Totka given above and can be practiced independently is to bring home some mud from a Smashan Bhumi [Hindu Cremation Ground]. Then put this mud in a small Silver Box and make the child bury it under a Peepal tree [Sacred fig tree].

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  1. Thank you guruji for this hanumanji remedy.
    || Jay shree raam ||
    || Jay hanumante namah ||

  2. Pranam Guruji, I'm desperate to do this upaaye for my son who will turn 7 years old now but the process has taken longer than I imagined.. it took me 3 hours just to finish 5 aggarbattis but looks like it will take a whole day to light aggarbattis one after the other. Can we do it with breaks? 5 aggarbattis we day?? Or some other solution please? Pranam.

  3. Pls reply asap please to my above query. Many thanks.

    1. The remedy given is as per the Tantra, if unable to practice it, you can attempt any other remedy for similar purpose published on this site by doing a site search.

  4. Thank you for your reply Guruji but we live in Europe and there is no Peepal tree here to do the 2nd upaaye. Is there any othere remedy that we can do which is equally powerful please?

  5. Guruji can we take a break while performing the aggarbatti upaaye like going to toilet, eat food, sleep for 8 hrs and then continue in the morning? Can we do that?


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