Parad Laxmi Ganesha Debts Removal Mantra

The Parad Idols of Laxmi and Ganesha are invoked together, by way of a special and most powerful Mantra Sadhana to remove debts and financial burdens of all kinds. The Parad idols are idols, prepared by using Mercury as the main component, these idols are freely available in the market. In this post, I will explain, how this Laxmi Ganesha Mantra Prayog is conducted.

The Prayog has to be conducted during the period of the Indian festival of Diwali, and is said to be even more auspicious, if commenced during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse, falling during this period.

The practitioner has to start the Prayog in the morning after having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

The Vidhi has to be conducted outdoors, in an open place. The practitioner has to place a Red Colored piece of cloth on a Wooden Board, place the Parad Laxmi and Ganesha Murtis in a Puja Thali, and keep that Thali on the Wooden Board.

Then he has to sit in front of the Thali, facing eastwards and offer Flowers, Kumkum and Dhoop/Agarbatti to the idols.

After this, he has to chant the Laxmi Ganesha Mantra given here 11 times, using a Mala of Lotus Beads for counting the number of chants.

A Debts removing mantra invoking Mercury Idols of Laxmi and Ganesha
Parad Laxmi Ganesha Debts Removal Mantra
The next day, the practitioner has to bring the Puja Thali into his home and keep it in the Puja Place in his home.

Finally, the practitioner should give the items used in the Vidhi, including the flowers and the Wooden Board, along with some food grains and money to a needy person.

This concludes the Parad Laxmi Ganesha Mantra Sadhana for removing debts.

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  1. Guru ji can you give me the mantra for hindu puja articals while offering to god....

  2. Neel ji is there any mantra or tantra you can share to keep a spouse from listening to and believing rumors and to remove negativity from their mind? Thank you very much

  3. Dear Neel,
    i have a question regarding the yantras to be inserted in a locket and that requires to be tied around the forearm. I would like to know if we can insert two yantras in the same locket?? Because if for example we have to use four of five yantras and that requires to be tied around the forearm, there will be no enough space and it will be too visible to others. Hence i shall be grateful if you can please advise if more than one yantra can be inserted in a locket. thanks and awaiting a promt response.

    1. It is not advisable to put 2 Yantras in the same locket, they can be tied next to each other.

  4. Dear Neel ji,
    We can keep the idols right ?

  5. Dear Neel Ji
    I have three queries with you,
    I have been reading you site for long, so i believe you can give me a solution. Thanks in advance
    What is the cure for blind horoscope?
    What is a remedy that can make a woman become fertile so she could bear children?
    And one is not said to construct house until 48yrs, if saturn is in 10. Without knowing on that my husband constructed a house 6 years ago and debt occured and multiplied like it is a do or die situation for us ?
    Expecting your reply on this guruji,
    thanks again

  6. Do we keep the pard ganesh and lakshmi, or givem them to the poor person as well


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