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Karna Pishachini Mantra - 4

In previous posts, I have explained on numerous occasions, how the Karna Pishachini Yakshini is invoked through various Mantra Prayogs to whisper the future in the ears of the practitioner. In this post, I am giving a Karna Pishachini Mantra Sadhana, which does not require any kind of Puja- Vidhi or any other kind of material or mental worship, other than what is mentioned below.

The Sadhana has to be performed at night. The practitioner has to light a Diya; the Diya can be of Pure Ghee or any other kind of oil, used to light Diyas. Then the practitioner has to dip his fingers in the oil and apply some of it on the soles of his feet. Then he should start chanting the Mantra.

The fourth future knowing Mantra of Karna Pishachini Yakshini
Karna Pishachini Mantra - 4

The total number of chants is 100,000 and the practitioner has to accomplish the Mantra Sadhana in a few days, by chanting a fixed number every day. Any Kind of Mala can be used. If the practitioner succeeds, then the Karna Pishachini Yakshini begins whispering the future in the ears of the Sadhak. There is no fixed method of the arrival of the Yakshini individual experiences may differ.

Sadhaks please keep in mind, that I only try to give the procedure, success or failure in the Sadhana, is in the hands of God.

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  1. Dear sir,
    Thanks for giving enormous information in this digital world.
    I am reading various mantras and remedies for a year. I have found people who told they have various powers, know tantras, etc. I have question about "Is there any mantra or sadhana or"any procedure to find out whether they are lying or not?" please educate me and most our readers so that they can safeguard themselves by cheating or frauds..
    Please reply.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dear Friends,please stay away from this type of sadhanas.Here they are given for knowledge purpose only.One of my elder cousin brother did this sadhana in 2010.Within 6 months,he did some big mistake in siddhi.After which karna pisachini made him totally mad.My aunt and family taken him to many babas and tantriks and all they failed.Karna pisachini ask my brother to remove all clothes and stand nude infront of her.He use to do so,due to karna pisach 's fear.Even I couldn't save my brother.He became slave of karna pisachini,whatever she says he will do.But always she liked him seeing nude.My brother became mad,after 8 months he died in 2011.So,I urge all my friends to stay away from this type of sadhanas and rituals.This type of sadhanas are not for normal people like us.

    1. How did you know the Sadhana he had done was of Karna Pishachini and not some other Devi?

    2. Before doing this sadhana,he told his friends about it.When he became mad,that time only we asked his friends forcefully and they told everything.He was telling past and future to people and taking money from them daily.That time we didn't knew that,some kind of devi was siddh to him.Kuch tantrik ne bhi kaha,ye karna pisach ke vash me hai.

    3. Thank you john g for telling your story . I was also thinking to do a sadhana but apsara sadhna . Karna pisachini is really very horrible & dangerous sadhna . I have read about this sadna a lot . While performing this sadhna , you have to consume your own shit and urine for 11 days & at the end karn pisachini comes in nude form with a scary look (long dracula like teeth,red eyes,bald head with red sindoor on head) and do sex forcefully . And you know at the time of deathsbed this karnapisachini disturbs a lot . Like screaming in and visible in scary look , and after death she will take your soul with herself and then have to serve her for at least 1000 years . And then in your next carnation you will born in a very poor family. I dont know why people think to earn money by wrong way . I am feeling very sad for your brother .

    4. Actually this karna pisachini efore serving you ask for 3 promise:
      You will not tell any one about me
      You Will do sex only with me
      Whatever i command , you have to follow it

      I am sure john g cousin broke any of these 3 rules . I consulted to one old aged guru ji . He said its the craziest spirit in sadhna . He told me that she can command you to do anything . Even if she say to go kill your mother without any reason , you have to do that , otherwise its the violation of promise you did . Thats why a person once achieved this Siddhi , his life become like hell . Its only 20% profit & 80% loss . Only Aghori can obey all 3 promise . Because they dont have any family . All alone .

  4. What mistake on earth did he make? Why don't you let us know?

    1. Whenever some person do this type of sadhanas,to control this karna pisach sadhna.Karna pisach does some promises before obeying sadhak.
      1)You should not tell about me to anyone.
      2)You should always do sex with me whenever I want.
      3)You should never try to leave me,or I will kill u.

      I don't what mistake he had done.He only knows it.But from above three promises,he might have broken any promise.That is why she made him mad and killed him.Tantriks say that,doing karna pisachini sadhna is nothing but equal to suicide only.

    2. Did he actually do sex with the Pishachini? If Yes, was it done in dreams or in reality?

    3. Karn Pishachini is for real, once invoked successfully. So, obviously she will ask for sex in real and not virtually in dream :)

    4. She will do sex in reality.When he became mad,he don't have sense to do sex.That is why,she was asking him to become nude and stand infront of her.He was standing nude for many times,when she says him,due to fear.

    5. But we all know those Bhoot have no physical body, no flesh and blood. How can one have sex with such being like he does with a real woman?

    6. They have physical body,those who bring this type of energies in thier control can see them.They have physical body.Among bhoot,only this karna pisach energy is permittable for doing sex,she will be visible to that person only and have physical body.And you bring another spirits into your control,you should not do sex with them.Otherwise they will leave you forever and give curse.Angels can also be controlled by humans.But you should never think bad about them and do bad with them,otherwise they will leave.Only karna pisach is only the one who does sex.Rest no energy does this type of things.

    7. Hey dont mind but can you tell me what type of mad activity he used to do . Can you tell me in details ? I am discussing about this with my guru ji . (I am from dwarka new delhi)

  5. Hey john , just tell me one thing , does your cousin used to removes his cloths when alone or in front of everyone ?

    1. Hi RJR,my cousin bro used to remove clothes infront of everyone.Whenever that spirit came infront of him,he used to shiver alot in fear.And always that spirit want him to become nude.We can't see that spirit,but we used to understand by his behaviour that he is obeying the orders of spirit.Woh apna dimagi santulan kho chuka tha.Use kuch cheez ka hosh nahi tha.We used to feed him food.Woh ek laash ki tarah khamosh rehta tha.After some months,his head became greenish-blue color and he died finally.He has done the sadhna in graveyard,his friends told.

  6. Below is one story which happened with 1 person from Gujarat,India.
    He did Karna Pisach Sadhna,afterwhich he got much profit in business and he became rich.Karna Pisach used to tell him past,present amd future in his ears due to which he was earning much money in business.One day karna Pisach asked that person to kill her own sister as Bali.Then that person went to tantrik,and that tantrik helped him to get Mukti from Karna Pishachini.Now that person is living a peaceful life.

    Whoever does this sadhna,my request is that live away from your family.Dont stay with family.Because every sadhak doesn't get mukti from Karna Pisach,some die like my cousi brother.Some lucky people survive.

  7. Kya yeh mantra sirf jaap karne se hoga, ya fir iske saath vidhi vidhaan and puja samagri bhi chahiye ise siddh karne ke liye ??


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