Mantra to cure Stomach Ulcers

Stomach or Peptic Ulcers are caused mostly by severe and chronic acidity resulting from irregular, improper or unhealthy food habits. This results in causing damage and wounds in the intestines, notably fissures in the stomach lining. A person suffering from stomach Ulcers has to be kept on medication and a restricted diet, if this does not cure the patient, then he has to undergo an operation. In this post, I have given a Hindu Health Mantra, believed to be effective in treating and curing Peptic Ulcers.

As such this Mantra does not require and specific Sadhana, like specific number of chants or any sorts of worship or restrictions. A person suffering from stomach Ulcers can start chanting this Mantra immediately and as many times as possible, like any Meditation Mantra.

Note – Not a replace for any medical treatment and advised to be chanted along with the ongoing medication.

A Hindu Health Spell to cure Peptic Ulcers
Mantra to cure Stomach Ulcers

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