Shri Krishna Mantra for Important News

The mantra given in this post is a very popular and often chanted mantra by the faithful devotees of Shri Krishna. Today, in this post, I will explain how the sincere and devoted Shri Krishna Bhakt can put it to practical use.

If you are expecting some important news by way of a letter, phone, email, message or any other form of communication then this two word Shri Krishna Mantra is said to be most helpful, in ensuring that you get that important news.

A Hindu Mantra of Krishna to get expected news
Shri Krishna Mantra for Important News

The devotee has to chant one Mala of this mantra every day until he or she gets the important news. The devotee can use any type of Counting Rosary and there is no need for any kind of worship, Puja-Vidhi or any kind of Sadhana for this mantra.

The only thing, which I would advise for the woman who wishes to practice this Sadhana, is to take a break during her Monthly Cycle.

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