Immense Benefits of Om Meditation

Om Meditation can be immensely useful to those people experiencing obstacles, blockages and problems in everything in life. This Meditation is also useful for those who are experiencing severe financial problem, including being under the burden of debts and the unbearable stress of meeting their day to day expenditure.

Om Meditation gives peace of mind to those who are under severe mental stress and depression, including those who are depressed due to loss of a loved one, a broken love affair or the loss of a job.

For the spiritually inclined person or the one seeking the spiritual path, the benefits of Om Meditation are extremely helpful and beneficial in making his mind calm and composed and operate at the deeper levels of consciousness.

In this post, I am giving five essential points, which will prove to be beneficial to those who are Meditating on Om or to those who wish to commence this Sadhana.

1] The best time for Om Meditation is the period of Sunrise or Sunset.
2] The Om Meditation should be done on a Yellow Colored Image of Om.
3] Wearing Yellow Colored Clothes and sitting on a Yellow Colored Mat, give the best results.
4] The practitioner can do the Meditation on a mental image of a Yellow Colored Om at any time of the day or night.
5] During the course of the Meditation, the practitioner should avoid consuming hot and spicy food.

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