Mantra for those who have awakened Kundalini

The Meghavati Mantra Sadhana is a very secretive Sadhana; most people; even those well versed in the science of mantra and tantra; would not even have heard about it. However at the outset, the Prayoga is not for the common person; only those advanced Sadhakas, who have successfully activated the Manipura Chakra, can practice this Sadhana. Hence this is a specific mantra for those who have awakened the Kundalini Shakti and wish to utilise their Shakti for the welfare of mankind.

The Manipura Chakra; the third of the seven chakras; of the Kundalini Shakti is located in the Navel Region of the human body and the Meditation has to be done along with the Manipura Chakra Mantra Sadhana and this Chakra has to be fully activated and harmonious during this Sadhana. The Siddhi procedure is not mechanical and advanced Kundalini Sadhak has to Meditate upon this mantra; till such a time when his inner eye tells him he has mastered the mantra.

This Sadhana is very difficult to achieve and only the most spiritually advanced Sadhaka will have a chance of success.

The successful completion of this Sadhana is said to ensure that there is plenty of rainfall for the cultivation of food grains and there is no famine or floods. This is the effect of the vibrations of the mantra upon the atmosphere.

Mantra for those who have awakened and activated Kundalini Shakti
Mantra for those who have awakened Kundalini

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  1. hello,
    i have heard about this mantra “LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM OM”. its said these are 7 Kundalini mantra for 7 Seven Chakras
    i would like to know how to meditate on this mantra or the mantra sadhna procedure.

    thank you

    1. LAM stands for earth HAm stands for ether YAM stands for air RAM stands for fire VAM for liquid, The five bhutas by which body is made by concentration on each chakra you can visualise the above things by there colour nature when kundalini travels to crown chakra you can visualise the stars and universe as adot even with your eyes open.kundalini experiences are different to every individual,but the persons thinking changes everything will be understood in abetter way people who use to be stubrron and sad at once change they can undersand the opposite persons mood in glance ,they can send and hear mental messages,past troubles will be seen in an easy way ,can even deeply understand what was the hidden reasons for troubles,trouble some people could be handled easily,any trouble will be know be fore in dreams as clues ,life becomes silent ,atma unites with paramatma only bliss remains

  2. Hello Mr Neel,
    I am very curious to know if these mantras and its words have any meaning.
    Also, is it possible that a muslim can recite these mantras and still stay a believer of Islam?


    1. These are mostly scientific sound vibrations and nothing to do with religion anyone can practice these mantras.

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  5. hi sir any mantra to stop premature ejaculation and increase sex


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