Mantra for knowing Hidden Secrets

This is another of the rare Hindu Mantra for making your word come true; along with this paranormal ability, the practitioner is said to gain the knowledge of hidden secrets and unknown knowledge. The successful student of this mantra; succeeds in taking the first step; in his quest for becoming a Spiritual Master.

Just chanting this Mantra is not sufficient; it is not some mechanical program; that makes you a Master. Sincerity and Dedication; along with a Satvik Nature [Saintly Character] is a must; if you do not posses, such a character; you can always change and become a pure person. In the Hindu Religion, there is no such thing a permanent evil or permanent good; everything is relative. Remember the bandit Valya became Maharishi Valmiki.

Coming back to the Mantra, it has to be chanted 11,000 times daily and concluded till you complete 125,000 chants; about 12 days. Any Mala can be used. However ladies intending to practice this Prayoga should start it when they are sure that the monthly cycle will not interrupt it. Other than this no other rule and regulations apply to this Sadhana.

A Hindu Mantra for gaining hidden information and knowledge
Mantra for knowing Hidden Secrets

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  1. Mantra for knowing hidden secrets! Sir, what if I m able to chant more than 11k times a day, would it still give the same results?

  2. Sir can I chant this mantra 1000 times.

  3. Can u say .. can we take gap in between for essentiall chores like using g washroom n for having food .. pls say

  4. How do you pronounce the end part if I may ask

  5. Pranam Guruji ! Is it possible to explain, What type of "Knowledge of Hidden Secrets and Unknown Knowledge we gain, After Completion of this Mantra as mentioned above.

  6. Pranam Guruji ! I Completed Mantra Chanting on 20.04.2020. Unable to see the Result. Mantra Chanted Perfectly daily 11,000 Times for 12 Days completed 1,25,000 Chants, with Sincerity & Dedication. Unable to understand what was wrong with me.


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