Japa Mantra of Kubera

This is the Siddha Japa Mantra of Kubera; however there is a specific Sadhana which has to be performed to make the Mantra more fruitful and beneficial. The Siddhi is gained by chanting the Mantra 10,000 times.

There are two kinds of ways given in the Tantra to practice this Sadhana.

1] Sitting in Shivalaya and chanting the Mantra is said to give immediate results and make the Mantra powerful and potent.

2] Practicing the Sadhana; sitting under a Bael Tree also give similar results.

In both the Sadhanas any Mala can be used; however a Spathik or Laxmi Mala is preferred. It is recommended that the Sadhak should face the Northern Direction as Kuber is considered to be the Overlord of this Direction.

It is also advised that the Sadhak divides the number of chants into 1000 chants per day. Ladies should avoid the Sadhana; when they are expecting the Monthly periods.

The Mantra to Meditate upon the God of Wealth Kuber
Japa Mantra of Kubera

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  1. I come across the another version of the Mantra is as under :- om shreem om hreem shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem vitteshwaray namah. the only difference is that there is " shreem kleem" before vitteshwaray namah.

    please verify. tahnks.

    1. There are some variations of the Kuber Mantra; this one is the Japa Mantra.

  2. Sir, after completing the sadhnaa, as per the post, is it compulsory to do a mala daily.

  3. Dear Neel Sir,

    Can one perform this mantra at home before an idol or photo of Shiva and do the prescribed rituals as mentioned?

    Thanking you...

  4. A slight variation of this mantra is found in many places . Can you tell which is better for doing japa sadhana .
    Also , It is my strong desire for study all available sources of information for Kuber Sadhana . Please guide me where I can get the most of Kuber Sadhanas .
    Mantra i was mentioning :
    Om Shreem Om, Hreem Shreem Hreem, KLEEM SHREEM KLEEM , Vitteshwaray Namah .

    1. Most versions of this Kuber Mantra give the same results, to know about Kuber and other Gods in the Hindu religion, you will have study the Puranas and other texts.

  5. I just wanted to clarify that wether we can have non veg on day of sadhna

    1. Nothing has been specially prescribed in the Tantra, however, it is better to avoid non-veg food during the course of the Mantra Prayoga.

  6. Sir, can't i chant random numbers in a day? Like 4000 one day,and 2000 the next and so on? And also what are the exact benefits of this sadhna?

    1. The Mantra should be chanted for a fixed number of Mantra Chants per day, I have mentioned 1000. you can increase it to 2000 in five days.
      Kuber is the God of wealth, so the benefits are attraction of money and wealth.

  7. Replies
    1. The recommendations given in the Kubera Tantra have been mentioned in the post and the Mantra Prayoga should be performed as prescribed.

  8. Neel ji, after 10,000 jap's can I
    chant It 108 times after Weekly Kuber puja and Neel ji, Friday is ok to Worship Lord Kuber.

  9. Neel ji, Can I make "Lakshmi Shodashopachar puja into Panchopachar Puja" because
    For Every Shodashopachar Puja of Lakshmi Maa need New Lakshmi Mata Murti by Taking Essentials like Dhyana Mantra, Avahan Mantra, Naivedya and 2 more, so please reply me Neel sir.

    1. That depends upon the specific Mantra Prayoga you are performing.

  10. कुबेर साधना के लिए विभिन्न मन्त्र हैं .इस पोस्ट में दिया गया मन्त्र "मन्त्र महोदधि "में दिए गए
    मन्त्र के अनुसार है ,जिसमे कुबेर का सर्वदारिद्र्य नाशक 16 अक्षरों के मन्त्र का स्वरुप इस प्रकार
    है -"ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः" (१६) ।
    विनियोग - अस्य श्रीकुबेरमन्त्रस्य विश्रवाऋषिर्बृहतीच्छन्दः शिवमित्रधनेश्वरी देवताऽत्मनोऽभीष्टसिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः ।

    षडङ्गन्यास - ॐ ॐ नमः हृदयाय नमः, ॐ शिवायै शिरसे स्वाहा,
    ॐ नारायण्यै शिखायै वषट्, ॐ दशहरायै कवचाय हुम्,
    ॐ गङ्गायै नेत्रत्रयाय वौषट्, ॐ स्वाह अस्त्राय फट् ॥
    अब मन्त्र का ध्यान कहते हैं - फूले हुये अत्यन्त स्वच्छ कमल के समान मनोहर अंगो वाली, विष्णो, सदाशिव एवं ब्रह्यस्वरुपिणी, अपेन हाथों में कुम्भ, वर, अभय, एवं कमल धारण किए हुये, श्वेत वस्त्रों से विभूषित, प्रसन्नवदना, मस्तक पर चन्द्रकलाओं से सुशोभित, मगर पर विराजमान, समस्त नदियों से आराधित, पापों को विनष्ट करने वाली भगवती भागीरथी का साधको को ध्यान करना चाहिए ॥

  11. Can we chant 500 / day and complete entire sadana 20 days.. ?
    Is it necessary to use rosary ?
    Kindly reply

  12. Neel ji sir, there is no Baal tree or shivalaya in my country.
    Can i chant one mala of om namah shivaya before and after each 1000 of the lord kubera mantra


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