Special Mantra for Happy Married Life

Finally a special and specific mantra for a happy married life! This is the Shakti Mantra of the Ardhanarishvara; the Hindu symbol of the male and female energies which bind the cosmos and create all the life forms present in it.

This in Hinduism is the most ultimate of all the unions; the Union of Shiva – Shakti; inseparable forever; in life and death; birth after birth.

This mantra is to be practiced by the wife. She should chant 1 Mala or 108 chants everyday for a total period of 41 days. There are no other restrictions or special rules for chanting this mantra. The only thing the wife must do is to dedicate the mantra to any form of the Mother Goddess; you like or identify with; like Durga, Bhagvati or Mahalaxmi.

Though not prescribed in the Sadhana it is advisable to take a break during the period of the menstrual cycle; and can be continued from where you discontinued, Other than this there should be no other break and the Mantra Sadhana done for 41 days.

This mantra is said to enhance love and affection between the husband and wife and make life blissful.

सुखी वैवाहिक जीवन के लिए खास मंत्र
Unique Mantra for Happy Married Life

A Hindu Mantra which ensures a happy married life
Special Mantra for Happy Married Life

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  1. Guruji please tell me remedies for husband's long life and mantra for saubhagya.

  2. Is it ok if this mantra is chanted in the night before bed time ? I anyway take a shower in the evening . I am currently pregnant , hope changing the mantra is ok . There are too much conflicts between me and my husband. I literally was asking for divorce but I am thinking of the baby's future . He is not loving and caring . Gives me silent treatment . Always fighting and involved with himself all day . I want to have a peaceful married life , where we love , care and respect each other a lot . Guruji pls suggest remedies and how to chant this mantra . I can't read the mantra in Hindi read the English version , I'm afraid if I am reading and reciting it right .

    1. As mentioned in the post there are no restriction for chanting this mantra, except taking a break during the Monthly Cycle.

  3. may I know what type of japa mala to use when reciting this mantra

    1. Mala is not specified, hence you can use a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala.

  4. What to do after completing sadhana for 41 days?

  5. at what time in the day we should do this?

  6. My husband left me. Can I chant this mantra , maybe he get back to me
    Pls advise

  7. Is there a husbands version of this mantra?

  8. Can i chant this mantra during Sandhya timings


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